4 Online Roof Truss Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 4 free online roof truss calculator websites. A roof truss is a framed structure of woods (most commonly triangle shaped) which helps to give support to the roof. Such framework includes top chords (or rafters), bottom chord (or tie beam), struts, racks, webs (as interior beams), etc., depending upon the type of truss (king truss, queen truss, etc.). These sites help you calculate number of trusses needed, struts, rafters required, and more. The input and output details may vary based on the website you’re using.

Some of these online roof truss calculators have other interesting options also. For example, one website can generate diagram for output items (rafters, racks, struts, etc.), and another website lets you download output details as PDF file.

Let’s check these free online roof truss calculators.

Roof Truss Calculator

Roof Truss Calculator

Roof Truss Calculator (Homepage) is one of the best options here. You can enter input details like truss length, truss height, rafter or beam width, overhang size, number of racks, etc., and then CALCULATE the output. It will dimension details as output which include base rafter length and number of pieces, total rafters including the size, middle rack size and pieces, number of racks, number of struts, etc.

It also shows a diagram for input items to well understand about roof truss structure. Apart from that, a separate diagram for each output item (such as rafters, racks, and structs) is also generated where you can see angle and length for that item. All the available features are quite good.


Zhitov- calculation of the wooden roof trusses

Zhitov website brings a very useful calculation of the wooden roof trusses feature. Click this link to open the page of that feature. The unique feature of this website is you can download output details as PDF file. That PDF file will contain diagrams for general view, rafters, racks, and dimension details. PDF file contains website watermark but that won’t bother you for personal use.

Just submit the input details which include:

  • Drawing scale: for diagram size.
  • Length and height of the truss.
  • Beam thickness.
  • Beam width.
  • Number of racks.
  • Struts.
  • Diagram in color or black and white.

For each input item, an alphabet is associated and that alphabet is visible in a dummy diagram. This helps to understand which item belong to what part for roof truss.

Enter input details and then you can generate output dimensions and diagrams.

Gable Roof Truss Calculator

Gable Roof Truss Calculator

If you want to calculate truss for gable roof, then this website (Gable Roof Truss Calculator) is handy for you. Click on this link to access its gable roof truss calculator. Like above mentioned website, it doesn’t provide multiple details for different items. Instead, it only calculates number of trusses needed for gable roof.

You can enter the details like space between trusses, width of tie beam (or bottom cord), and roof length (in feet). After that, you can get the output which will show number of trusses needed for gable roof truss.


Vcalc.com- truss count

Vcalc.com also provides a feature similar to Gable Roof Truss Calculator website. It is also only helpful to calculate number of trusses needed for roof truss calculation. You can enter values for on-center spacing of the trusses and width of area under roof. After that, it will immediately show the result. The output value indicates number of trusses needed.

The thing that I like is you can set width and on-center spacing in feet, nanometer, inch, cm, mm, and more. Select any value type and then generate the result.

The Conclusion:

These are some very good and free online roof truss calculator websites you can try. The first two websites are more useful because those sites come with multiple input details and output details and diagrams are generated according to the input details. The last two websites are handy if you only want to calculate number of trusses.

Editor Ratings:
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