5 Best Online Dead Pixel Test Websites

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If you want to find out dead or stuck pixels on your PC monitor, these dead pixel test websites will come in handy. These are very simple online tools that serve the same purpose of dead pixel finder. Its just that their mode of operation differs a bit from each other. So, it is totally up to you, which one you find easy to use.

What these software do is project different primary colors on your monitor’s full screen one by one. These colors help you detect dead or stuck pixel on your monitor. Do note that these software cannot tell if a pixel is dead or stuck. If a pixel is stuck, it can be fixed with a dead pixel fixer. But if a pixel is dead, the problem is with your monitor hardware.

So, lets give these dead pixel test websites a look and see how to find a dead pixel.

Best Online Dead Pixel Tester Websites:


CheckPixels is a very simple website to check dead pixel online. All the instructions to carry out the test are mentioned on the main page only. To check dead pixels, all you need to do is click on the “Check pixels on my LCD” option. Then a red colored screen will appear. Press F11 key to make it go fullscreen. This will cover your entire screen. Now, click anywhere on screen to change color of solid background. The sequence of colors that play is Red, Green, and Blue. This will help you locate a dead pixel on your screen if any.

To exit the colored screen, hover the cursor somewhere in the middle of your monitor. A “Finish the test” popup will appear. Click on it to return to the main screen of this tool.

Dead Pixel Buddy

Dead Pixel Buddy is another easy to use online tool to find out dead pixels on your monitor. This tool has more colors for contrast than the above mentioned tool. Here, you can begin the test using any of the solid colors. Simply double click on any color and it will appear on full browser screen. Now, press F11 on your browser to make the color go fullscreen. To toggle between various colors, use the navigation key right and left. More colors give you option to find difficult to locate dead pixels that easily blend in.

To exit the tool, revert back from fullscreen to normal view. Then on your browser, click on the Back button to go back to main page of Dead Pixel Buddy.

Dead-pixel check

Dead-pixel check also checks for dead pixels on your PC. It runs a five solid color background test to help you locate dead or stuck pixels. Click on the Start Test option to run the test. The good thing about this tool is that, you do not need to switch to full screen mode once you run the test. The test begins with a random solid color out of the 5 colors displayed. Look for dead pixels as you switch to different colors. To switch colors, click anywhere on the screen. Once the test is complete, press Esc button to escape full screen mode. To return back to main website, press Esc again.

Bad Pixel Test

Bad Pixel Test also lets you text bad pixels or dead pixels on your computer’s screen. It also provides 5 solid colors for the test. On the main page, click on any page to begin the test. The selected solid color will appear, which you will need to turn to full screen mode; press F11 for the same. Click on the screen, or press Space/Enter key to switch to other colors. When the test is complete, press Esc to go back to main screen of this website.

LCD DeadPixel Test

LCD DeadPixel Test is among the best tools to check for dead pixels but is a little inconvenient to use. Here, different colors to look for dead pixels do not appear in the same browser tab. You will need to open each color in different tabs of your browser, and toggle between them using the browser tab navigation shortcuts. And all this should be done in full screen mode of your browser.

Suppose you opened all the colors in different tabs of a single browser window. Now to switch between different color tabs, use the Ctrl+Tab button. To toggle back, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Tab buttons.

This dead pixel finder website is only good to use if you have plenty of time on your hand.

Closing Words

These websites for online dead pixel test are quite simple tools, both in terms of functionality and usability. Just select any of the mentioned tools and begin looking for dead pixels. The difficult and the main part of using these software is to find the dead pixel by yourself on the screen.

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