Know What Is Your Leadership Style: 5 Best Leadership Style Test Websites

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Here are the best online Leadership Style Test websites. These tests will help you know what is your leadership style. For this, these tests ask several questions which you have to answer according to the actual behavior you follow at workplace. These tests are different from each other in terms of questions, as well as the type of result they provide. You will get to know about them in the article below.

Give these tests a try and know what is your leadership style.

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Here Are The Best Leadership Style Test Websites:

Leadership IQ: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Leadership IQ has an online leadership style test named What’s Your Leadership Style. It asks you a set of 10 questions about the leadership style that you follow at your workplace. These questions are followed by 3 survey questions that you need to answer. After answering these questions, enter your name and email ID to get a detailed result about your leadership style. Along with this, you will also get to know a couple of famous people with the same leadership style. You can share your result on Facebook or Twitter if you like.

Give it a try here.

Psychology Today: Leadership Style Test

This Leadership Style Test from Psychology Today is an extensive, 56 questions long test. The questions are divided in different sections, and for each question, which is a statement, you have to agree or disagree on a scale of 1 to 5. After the end of the test, you get to see your leadership style along with some advice, and also get a score for the same. All these are for free. if you are ready to shed a few dollars, you will get a detailed report for the same.

Try it out here.

Your Leadership Legacy: The Leadership Legacy Assessment

The Leadership Legacy Assessment is an online test to know what is your leadership style from Your Leadership Legacy. This test contains 30 questions, divided in 3 parts with 10 questions each. For each question, you get 5 options. You can agree upon a statement or disagree using these options. Once the test is complete, you get score for different leadership characteristics, that are: Ambassador, Advocate, People Mover, Truth-Seeker, Creative Builder, and Experienced Guide. Along with scores, you also get to know about the these characteristics according to your scores.

You can try out this online personality type test here.

MindTools: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Know What’s Your Leadership Style? with this online test from MindTools. It has a set of 12 questions with different situations. For each situation, there are 3 options. You have to select the option that you would go with in real life at your work place. As the test ends, you get a score. Scroll a bit further down and you will see what your score means and will tell you about your leadership style. You can login to MindTools to save your result for future.

Give it a try here.

Harvard Business Review: What’s Your Leadership Style?

What’s Your Leadership Style? is a simple yet effective online test to know your leadership style. Here, you get to choose your primary leadership style from 8 different leadership styles provided. After that, you get to choose 2 more leadership styles that you follow under situations. According to your response, you get your actual leadership style along with a long paragraph about that style. It may not be a long test, but tells a lot about the style of your leadership.

This online test is available here.

Closing Words

These online tests will definitely help you out to find your leadership style based on the questions you answer. If you want, you can take multiple tests to confirm the result.

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