6 Free Windows 10 Hair Salon Game Apps for Girls

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This article covers hair salon game apps for girls in Windows 10. Young girls and even small kids love salon games where they have to apply makeup, dress up a character. Similarly, hair salon games also attract kids and young girls a lot. I will admit that even I enjoyed playing these fun hair salon games. The games allow you to run your own hair salon where you have to give a new haircut to your customers. You can cut hair, color the hair, style the hair, etc.

All these games are free to download from the Windows 10 store and are quite fun as well. Let’s have a look at these 6 free Windows 10 hair salon game apps for girls below.

Magic Hair Salon

Magic Hair Salon is a fun game where you have to run your own hair salon. In this game you start on level one where you have only one piece of equipment which is the hair dryer. As you keep on moving through the levels you can buy/ unlock more equipment. When a customer comes in the salon, you will be shown a picture of how the customer wants to look after the hair cut. This picture will be visible on your game screen all time. Just go ahead and match the customers look to the photo you have been provided, then click the green forward arrow button. This will bring up a compare window where the look you created will be compared to the photo which was provided to you. You will be scored on the comparison. You will also earn coins accordingly. Coins can be used to buy hair accessories for your customers. The app does contain ads, but they are not very intrusive. You can play mini games to earn more coins.

Hair Salon for Girls

Hair Salon for Girls is a salon game with a similar approach like the above game. In this game you start with a wheel of fortune to spin and earn some bonus coins. After that you can start playing the game by clicking of the hair salon image. This will first show you the target image which your customer wants to look like. Then you will be taken to your customer. You will have to shampoo her hair, wash her hair, dry her hair, then cut the hair, and at last decorate the hair with some accessories. Then your customers cut will be compared to the target photo that you were given. You will scored according to how perfectly you were able to recreate the look.

Hair Salon Games: Ice Princess

Hair Salon Games: Ice Princess is a fun game app. In this game you will have a similar target. You will be shown a photo of what the customer wants to look like. Then the customer will appear in front of you. You will have to shampoo, wash, and dry her hair to proceed. After that you need to cut the hair, or curl, or iron, or even color the hair to achieve the look provided. After this you will have to add hair accessories to complete the look. Hair accessories and hair color all have to be bought from the store in the app. So make sure you have enough coins. To earn more coins you can play mini games provided in the game. When you are done creating a look, it will be compared to the photo which was provided to you in the beginning. You will be scored on the similarity of the two looks.

Princess Elena Hair Salon

Princess Elena Hair Salon starts straight away with business. As soon as you click the start button on the home page of the app, the princess will appear in front of you. You need to shampoo and wash her hair first. Then dry her hair using the dryer, and comb her hair. After that you can cut her hair according to your choice. In case you cut her hair too short, then you can use the magical hair regrow serum right next to the scissors. You can watch a video to unlock some items. You are the official hair dresser of princess Elena and you can style her hair as per your liking.

Girls Hair Salon

Girls Hair Salon is a fun hair salon game to play. In this game when you click the play button on the home page, you will get pictures of your customers on screen. From these pictures you can choose which customer you would like to work with. Once selected the customer will open up in full screen mode and you can start your salon work. You would need to get rid of the lice in your customers head first, then apply shampoo, and wash her hair. After that dry her hair with a towel, and use a dryer to further dry the hair. Then choose a hairstyle for your customer and apply accessories to her hair as well. Do notice that some hair styles and accessories are locked and can be unlocked by watching a video. Sound in the game can also be turned on or off easily.

Princess Hair Salon

Princess Hair Salon is another game in this list which lets you make perfect hair for 3 princesses. All the princesses have to go to the Gran Ball at the castle thrown by Prince Charming. You have three princesses Cinderella, Elsa, and Rapunzel. When you start the game you will be asked to choose one princess to start with. Choose one and then start with cleaning the face first. Then you will reach the hair styling part. In this you will have some hair styles which are provided for free, while others can be unlocked by watching a video. Choose a hairstyle which you like. Apart from the hair style you will also have to apply eye shadow, lipstick, and choose a eye color. This game is more about all over make up and there is not too much stress on the hair styling part.


These are some fun hair salon games for girls on Windows 10 store which are available for free download. All the games are easy to play and kids will enjoy them a lot. So do try these games out and see which one you like the most.

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