5 Free Online XY Graph Plotter Websites

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Here are 5 free online XY graph plotter websites. You can generate very simple XY graph as well as use functions (like Trigonometric, miscellaneous, etc.) to plot the XY graph and then preview it using these websites. All these websites let you save the output graph as PNG image and some websites also support other formats like PDF, EPS, SVG, and HTML.

Apart from that, these XY graph plotter websites come with other interesting features. You can set background color for graph, show/hide grid lines, set X and Y range for graph, save graph online, and more.

Let’s begin with the first free online XY graph plotter covered on this list.



FooPlot has some very good features which make it better XY graph plotter than many other websites. There are 3 unique and interesting features that catch my attention. The first feature is it supports Trigonometric functions, Miscellaneous, minimum and maximum expressions, and Hyperbolic trigonometric functions to plot the graph. Basic Math equations can also be used. Apart from that, you can also set the background color of the graph as per your choice. Moreover, the plotted graph can be saved as PDF, SVG, EPS, and PNG format files.

Using this XY graph plotter website is also pretty simple. You can set X and Y range, set grid spacing, show/hide grid, tick marks, numbers, and axes on graph, and add values. After that, you can preview the graph and edit it if needed. When the graph looks good, you can download it to PC in any of the supported formats.

It also lets you generate a permanent link for your graph to share with others. If you don’t want to do that, then simply download the graph and close the website.

Interactive Simple Plot

Interactive Simple Plot

Interactive Simple Plot, as its name indicates, is a very simple XY graph plotter website. You can add data (X and Y coordinate values) in the available box either in one line separated with comma or one value per line and then use “Plot/Update” button to view those values in the graph. You must add even number of coordinates to plot the graph. In addition to that, you can also enable auto scale option, and show light or dark grid lines on the graph.

Apart from that, you can also set Plot Type to Connected or Scatter. Connected plot type will draw a line based on the coordinates set by you and Scatter plot type will show dots only.

When the graph is set as per your requirements, you can right-click on the graph and then save it as PNG image to PC.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator

If you want to plot different types of graphs, other than simple XY graph, then you should try Desmos Graphing Calculator website. It lets you create a graph from scratch. Apart from that, you can create Slope-intercept form, Point slope form, Two-point form, Vertex form, Unit circle, Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola, Cycloid, Curve stitching, Secant line, and other types of graphs. Select any of these graphs and then plot the graph with custom values.

This website also lets you download the plotted graph as PNG image. The best part is you don’t have to create an account to download the graph. Although it lets you create a free account to save graphs online, you can use it without sign up if you want to plot and download graph only. Before saving the graph, you can also set graph size (small square, middle rectangle, large square, etc.) and line thickness (thick, medium, or thin). Apart from saving the graph as PNG image, you can also get the embed code to add it to your website or somewhere else. So, the website has useful features which make it a better XY graph plotter.


GraphSketch.com website

GraphSketch.com is a simple and handy XY graph plotter website. A beautiful graph is generated with colored lines based on the values set by you. It lets you download graph as PNG image and generate a sharing link for the graph. The second feature didn’t work in my case but the option to save graph as PNG image worked good.

Plotting a graph is also pretty simple. You can select parametric or functions mode and then enter graph equations using functions ( like sin(x), acos(x), square root of 2, log(x), etc.,) to plot the graph. The basic equations like (x+3), (x+5), etc., can also be used to plot the graph.

There are other features also available which I like in this XY graph plotter website. You can set X and Y range for graph, show/hide grid on graph, set function width, image size, etc., and then plot the graph. Resetting equations and resetting everything is also possible. So, all good features to plot XY graph are present on this website.


Plotly- interface

Plotly comes with a good interface and some interesting options. This website lets you plot scattered or lined XY graph. Apart from that, it is also helpful to generate heatmap, bar chart, histogram, pie chart, area chart, and many other charts.

For XY graph, you can create multiple grids and add values to those grids. After that, you can fill X and Y coordinates by selecting any of those grids. The grid section is available in the top right section, X and Y values can be set using the left section, and the plotted graph is visible on the bottom right section of its interface.

Apart from these options, you can also add filters to the graph. When everything is done, you can save your graph online on this website by creating a free account. Your saved graph will remain public. For private graphs, you need to use the paid plan.

In the free version, the website also provides the feature to export the saved graph to PC as PNG and HTML files. You can’t export the graph unless you have saved your graph. So, the free plan is mandatory to save and then export the XY graph plotted by you.

We have also covered some other free flow diagram maker websites for you.

The Conclusion:

Personally, I’m not so good at plotting graphs, especially when it comes to Math. But when you need to plot XY graph online easily, these websites are handy. Among all these XY graph plotters, I find “FooPlot” website better. Its three unique features, save output graph as PDF, EPS, etc., set background color for graph, and use different Math functions, make it handy as well as interesting.

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