4 Free Online Private Social Networks

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Here is a list of 4 free online private social networks. Each of these private social networks is free to use and offers multiple features. The thing which makes these private social networks intriguing, is that they have a website. It means no matter if your friends or family members use smartphones or not, they can still be a part of your social network!

Each of these free social networks is unique in their purpose. So, let’s have a look at each of them one by one to see what they offer, and how they are useful.

1. 23Snaps:


23Snaps is a free online private social networks for parents to share special moments of their children with other family members or friends. It offers two features: Share moments of your child with others and like/comment on the moments of child of others. Since it is a private social network, you need to be a member of other’s network to see and interact with the moments they have posted. You can invite others to your network. Each of the added members is known as a friend. You can share moments as photo, video, status, weight, height, and story. A story consists of title, photos, and text.

The website also lets you connect your Instagram and Pix-Star account. You can manage notifications settings to choose when do you want to get notified and for what reason. 23Snaps is available in English (US) and Portuguese (Brazil).

Also Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

2. Notabli:


Notabli is similar to 23Snaps and it’s focused on sharing all the moments of your child’s life, right from childhood days to growing up. It also lets you add family members and friends who can see their moments. The good thing about Notabli is that it even lets you share administrator power with other users. It means that user, selected by you, will be able to post your child’s moments. If you have more than one child, then you can choose the individual kid for which that user can post moments. Notabli lets you post your child’s moments as video, audio, photo, quote, and note.

Notabli has support for Dropbox backup and archiving the moments. The website also maintains a page called Upcoming Features which you can refer to have an eye on what’s in the pipeline and what to expect from Notabli team.

Also Available on: iOS.

3. Edomodo:


Edomodo is a free private social network for teachers and students. The website has a very wide range of schools in its database, but if you are not able to find yours then you can also add it manually. The teachers can add notes, alerts, assignments, quiz, polls, and snapshots for students. The students can’t join any teacher’s network until they have the unique group code. Even after a student gets the code; the final call over the membership to the network, is always the teacher’s.

A teacher can create multiple groups like for specific grade, subject, or any other criteria. Edomodo also has various virtual badges which a teacher can award to his students on the basis of their achievements. Apart from this, teacher can browse educational resources from the internet and even add his own resources to the account. The resources can be uploaded either from PC or by importing from Google Drive.

4. MeWe:


MeWe is a free online private network which is open for all to join. The feature which makes it private network is that it lets you create individual groups to share whatever you want to share. For creating group; you have to give it a name, select type of group, group color, group photo, and joining method for the group. The joining method has 3 ways to choose from: By invitation only, By invitation only but people can request to join, and any one can join. You can also choose whether you want to include your group in MeWe directory. If it is included, then people will be able to look for it. You can invite people to join your group via various methods.

For each group; you can set separate privacy, notifications, and other settings. In a group; you can post photos/videos, discussions, documents, events calendar etc.

Also Available on: Android and iOS.

These are 4 free private social networks which you can join depending on your need. Give them a try and if you know about other private networks which are available online and free to use, do share them with me via comments section below.

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