5 Free Online Pinterest Alternatives

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Here is a list of 5 free online Pinterest alternatives for you to try out. All of these websites look similar to Pinterest in concept, but they differ when it comes to the features and options they offer. Some of them allow you to post photos of anything just like Pinterest, and a few of them are focused on certain specific things like technology, cars, etc. The rest of the features are quite similar like you can create boards, add photos, make them public/private, share with others, bookmarklets for posting photos with one click, etc.

So let’s have a look at all of these online Pinterest alternatives one by one.

1. We Heart It:

We Heart It

We Heart It is the first online Pinterest alternative in the list. It is a very popular website which lets you add images and like the images posted by others. Instead of liking a photo, you “Heart” it; now you know from where the name of the website came! It also lets you make collections of photos which you will heart. You can create multiple collections on the basis of types of photo you heart. For posting photos, We Heart It lets you add from your PC and as well as from the websites by providing their URL. You can also get Heart button for quick hearting of photos and a Heart button for adding to your website. You can also choose to follow users.

2. Juxtapost:


Juxtapost is the website closest to Pinterest when it comes to interface, features, and other traits. Juxtapost has 18 categories for you to explore and post photos. Click on any category to see the image posted under it and you can browse multiple sub-categories. For example, Arts category has following sub-categories: Books, Film, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music, etc. You can choose to comment, re-post, view post, and send. The good feature of Juxtapost is More Like This which lets you see more images like the one you are seeing currently.  Like Pinterest, you can create pinboards but they are known as Postboards here.

3. Curisma:


Curisma is a good online Pinterest alternative, but it is focused on gadget lovers. All the photos posted on Curisma are either of gadgets or anything related to gadgets. The rest of the users can mark any of the photo as Have? or Want It!. Each photo includes name of the gadget and a brief info about it. You can choose to view the photos either by gadgets or users. You can follow other users to stay updated about all the photos posted by them.

4. Adinfinatum:


Adinfinatum is another online Pinterest alternative which shows photos on the homepage. There are about 20 categories on the website but only a few of them have content. I guess that’s because it’s a fairly new website in the field and as the users will grow, the content will grow too. All the photos are shown to you in the similar way as Pinterest does. For each photo, it shows the name of the pic, ratings, and uploader’s name. You can choose to re-pin the post, like the post, and comment on the post. You can create multiple folders to store the photos you like or post.

5. Foodgawker:


As the name suggests, Foodgawker is the free online Pinterest alternative for foodies. Here, you will find photos of dishes from around the world. All the photos have a brief description of the dish, uploader’s name, number of likes, number of views, and an option to like the photo. You can also see the photos as: Latest, Most Favorited, Most Gawked, and Random. You can even search for photos of any specific dish using keywords and various filters. There are also a total of 32 categories for you to choose from.

These are the 5 free online Pinterest alternative for you to try out. Check them out and do comment below as to which one you liked the most.

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