2 Free DISM GUI for Windows to Run Long DISM Commands in a Click

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This post lists down some best free DISM GUI for Windows to run long DISM commands in a click. Here these software offer you some DISM commands in different tabs or buttons that you can execute with just a click. A lot of DISM commands are supported here and you just have to click a few buttons to execute them. Command for SFC, mounting WMI file and many others. These are lightweight software and you will definitely don’t have to use the long command syntax whenever you need DISM.

DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool and it is one of the built in utility that ships with Windows along with some really useful tools. One of the most popular use of DISM is to install Dot Net from the Windows installation files. Here with the software I have listed below, you can do that and you can also add other Windows features too. One of these software is open source too and you are free to take part in its development if you are interested.

Free DISM GUI for Windows to Run Long DISM Commands in a Click


DISM GUI in action

DISM GUI is one of the best free GUI available right now to run a lot of DISM commands. It comes with a lot of options and a simple interface where you will find different features in the different tabs. Here you can use this software to mount a WMI file and then install features from it. Additionally, you can go with the driver management, and package management. After mounting A WMI file, you can see the application information and if you have a MSP file then you can even use it to see its product code and patch code.

This is a portable software and you can use it right after you download it. So, just get it from the link that I have mentioned and then start using it, On the vert first tab, you can use it to mount WIM file and then you can move on to other tabs. For example, after mounting a WMI file if you want to get its product key then just go to the “Edition Servicing” tab and then simply hit the “Get Current Edition”. You can even opt to set a product key there as well or do what you want.

In the software, there are dedicated tabs for driver management, package management, and feature management. You can just opt to list all the features from the WMI file and then you can selectively enable or disable the features based on your choice. If you know some more details about the DISM then you can use other options as well that it shows there on the main UI. Also, this is an open source software and you can find its source code on GitHub


DISM-gui in action

Dism-Gui is another free software that you can use to run some really useful DISM commands. This one is a good tool for the system administrators. On the main UI of the software, you can see some really useful options for SFC Scan, CAB Install, Cleanup, Restore, and some others. The best part here is that it does all its work in the DISM’s original command window. You just choose any DISM operation and then it will do the rest for you. The software is simple and very straightforward.

Just like the software I have mentioned above, it works pretty much in same way. You just download the EXE file and then you can simply run that. On the main interface, you will see different options to run the various DISM operations. Just anyone from there and do what you want. If you have an “install.esd” or “install.wim” file with you then you can use that to install features and do some other things.

On the main UI of the software, you can also see the buttons to invoke SFC scan and CAB install. You just choose these options and then the DISM console will open up in which you can see the progress of whatever DISM operation you have selected.

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Final thoughts

These are the only free software that I could find that work as a nice DISM GUI. You just install these and then you can simply run any DISM command that you want. Use the different options given on their interface and then do whatever you want. So if you often have to use DISM commands on your client computers or on your own then you can simply use these software with ease. All you have to do is just download the EXE file and simply run that.

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