3 Free Character Illustration Generator Tools with Customization

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This post contains some of the best free character illustration generator tools and libraries for everyone. You can use these for your personal and professional work and what’s best is that all these tools let you customize the illustrations that they have to offer. These come with different colored characters and outfits. You can mix and match those components together to finally generate the illustration that you can use.

The illustration library these tools here offer can be used in popular UI prototyping tools such as Figma and Sketch. You can fully customize the illustrations to your liking and use them. They either come with open source or CC0 license. You just need a little bit of design skills and then you are all good to go.

Illustration Creator with Customizable Templates: designstripe

3 Free Character Illustration Generator Tools with Customization

Stubborn – Free Illustrations Generator

Stubborn - Free Illustrations Generator

Stubborn is one of the best free illustration generators that you can use. Here it offers the illustrations library for Figma, Sketch, and as static assets. In static assets, you will find the illustrations in PNG and SVG format. The character illustrations that it offers can be mixed and matched. It offers you all the components that you will need to generate your own illustration art.

This is a completely free illustration pack to generate character illustrations. You can easily use it for your personal as well as professional work. All you have to do is download the pack and then simply start using it to generate custom character illustrations. If you use Figma then apart from mixing and matching, you can also change the colors of the illustrations that you are going to generate.

Simply follow the link above and then download the illustration pack in ZIP file. There is a checkout process and you will have to give it your email address to get the ZIP package. Do not worry, during the checkout, it will not charge you any money. After extracting the ZIP file, you will find the Figma, Sketch, and static files. You can use the ones you need and then generate the final illustration that you can use in your projects.


Humaaans illustrations library in PhotoShop

Humaaans is another free mix-&-match illustration pack of people with a design library. This is pretty much like the above pack where you get a lot of characters illustration art that you can use in any of your projects. It gives you the freedom of combining the difference components to create a final art that you can use.

For now, it provides its assets in Figma, XD, Sketch, Studio, and flat. You can just download the pack and then start using it the way you want. Also, you read its detailed review covered by us as well.

Use the link above to download and use this free illustration generator and start using it. You can download the library in the format depending on what design tool you use. After that, you can start mixing and matching the different assets to create the final art. For example, if you use Figma then you will have the freedom to change the color of the components and even export them in different format such as SVG.


Icons8 Illustration Design

Icons8 is not exactly an illustration generator that can be used. It offers a very intuitive editor that you can use to discover and edit the illustration art. For free, it lets you export the design in low resolution but works. and for a very minimal fee, you can even download them in other formats such as PSD. The editor of the Icons8 can be used without any sign up and you get a huge illustration library. You can mix and match different illustrations and even change their color.

Go to Icons8 editor using the link above and then add an illustration in the workspace. Start editing it and then simply customize the colors and even add more components. You can access the illustration library in the sidebar and click on any of them to add to the workspace. Later, you can add layers and change colors and other settings. Foe free, you can export it in low resolution PNG.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for free customizable illustration packs then here are plenty of them which you can try. All these packs will let you generate a custom illustration that you can use anywhere. You can generate a desired character and use it in your app screens, creating ads, and banners for your websites. The best part is that they are completely free and in some of them, you will get new characters update over time as well.

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