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Camera Color Picker is a free live camera color picker app for Android. Using this app, you will be able to capture colors from your surroundings in real-time using your phone camera. You can simply open up this app and then point the built-in camera to any object you want. After that, you can tap on the camera pointer which will instantly extract the color from the object on which you’re pointing the camera. You can save the extracted color in the app and get its hex color code, RGB value, and HSV value. Then you can copy the color code or value to the clipboard and use the color anywhere you want.

You can extract and save as many colors as you want from your surroundings using this app. Another interesting and useful feature of this app is that it allows you to create color palettes from the colors which you have extracted using the camera. Similar to some of the core color picker software for Windows, this one also makes it very easy for you to pick a color from objects, but right on your Android phone.

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How to Pick Live Color from Objects using Camera on Android:

First, install and open up the “Camera Color Picker” app on your Android phone. After that, you will see a “Color Picker” icon at the bottom of the “Color” tab which can be used to pick colors using the camera.

When you tap on the “Color Picker” icon, it will open up the built-in camera and you can point it to any object from which you want to extract colors. At the center of the camera, you will see a camera pointer which will show the color of the object in real-time. Now, you can simply tap on the pointer to extract the color and then save it in the app.

In the same manner, you can use the built-in camera of this app to pick colors from any object in your surroundings. All the saved colors will be visible on the “Color” tab. You can tap on any extracted color to see the Hex code, RGB value, and HSV value of that color. It also lets you copy the color code to your clipboard by simply tapping and holding on the color.

Another useful feature of this app is the “Color Palettes”. It allows you to use the extracted colors to create stunning color palettes in no time. To create a color palette, simply go to the “Palette” tab and then click on the “Color Palette” icon. After that, you will be able to select the extracted color in a sequence to automatically assign them to a palette. You can later share the palettes with others or use them wherever you want.

Closing Words:

Camera Color Picker is a very unique app for Android which assists you to extract colors from your surroundings using the camera in real-time. Apart from that, you also get the option to copy the color via its hex code, RGB value, and HSV value. Personally, I like this app as it also allows you to create beautiful color palettes using the extracted colors.

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