SocialDraw: Free Collaborative Drawing App For Windows 8

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SocialDraw is a free, collaborative drawing app for Windows 8 that lets you draw sketches with your Facebook and Twitter friends whenever they are online. You can also send invitation to your friends through email and make them draw with you using this free Windows 8 drawing app. The app gives push notifications when your friends want to draw something with you.

You can also add images as background image, for instance your friends’ image, and start drawing something funny over it. After completing the drawing you can save the file on your PC in jpeg format or share it with other friends by posting it on your Facebook wall. This is a great app to kill some time and have fun with friends.

You can get this free drawing app for Windows 8 under the Entertainment Category in Windows Store.

SocialDraw- settings

Inviting, Drawing, and Sharing Sketches with your buddies using SocialDraw:

It’s very easy to use this free drawing app for Windows 8. The interface is kept basic and clean. You won’t find any advertisements within the app. Switching between screen is fine. Although there’s no Home button on the sub screens. But it’s completely fine, because there are not so many screens, and hence there’s no need to go too deep inside the app. The white background theme is eye pleasing, and the flyouts movements are also smooth.

SocialDraw- main screen

Like said before, this drawing app for Windows 8 is an online drawing app, so you need to login using either Facebook/Twitter account or an email address, and then send an invitation to a friend; only after that you’ll be able to draw a sketch and then post it on Facebook or share with friends via email.

A good things to like about the app is that after you login, it itself shows you a list of friends’ suggestions with whom you would like to draw sketches. Plus it also shows you the list of friends with whom you made sketches previously, by saving the sketch that two of you made. This helps in quickly  resuming the sketch from the point where you left it. Or if you want you can clear everything out and start sketching from the scratch.

SocialDraw-inviting facebook friends

If you don’t find the friend in the suggestions list, then you can always use the “Invite a friend on Facebook” Button at the top right side of the screen, and as it is obvious, your friend also needs to have this drawing app for Windows 8 installed in his/her system.

SocialDraw-drawing screen

The most wonderful part of the app are it’s drawing features and tools. You’ll get to draw in full screen with a plain white background and this gives you a feel of the time when you were in kindergarten. The drawing tools are very easy to use, and it won’t take time for anyone to get familiar with them.

Import an image from your hard drive and start drawing or draw from a scratch. One more benefit of using this app is you can chat with the friend simultaneously, while you two draw.

Key Features of this Drawing App for Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Good drawing app for Windows 8.
  • Draw with Facebook, Twitter friends.
  • Invite a friends through email.
  • Option to chat.
  • Option to save drawing on PC in JPEG format.
  • Post on Facebook.
  • Good Drawing Tools.
  • Clean UI with no Ads.
  • Option to snap.
  • Easy to use.

Final Note:

SocialDraw is nice online drawing app for Windows 8. The UI looks good, all you need to do is get this free app installed in your Windows 8 PC. Although you can’t work on two or more drawings at a time, and only two people are allowed to draw collaboratively, but rest of the good traits makes it a worthy app. Get this drawing app for Windows 8 and explore creativity in fun way.

Get SocialDraw here.

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