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Ncode.Me is a very simple free text encryption software that allows you to encrypt any text. If you are sending out personal information or top-secret information, having this text encryption freeware on your computer makes all your email, text editors and web pages completely secure. Ncode.Me is a lightweight text encrypter that will allow you to keep information private when sending it over the Internet.

This free text encryption tool has a simple and easy to use interface that can be accessed at any time. The program plants itself in the computer’s system tray, making it easily accessed no matter what program you are running. Not only does Ncode.Me encrypt texts,  but is also able to decrypt text. It is therefore important that the person you are sending a message to also has installed, so that he or she is able to decrypt the encrypted text.

How to Encrypt Text:

Once you have finished writing a text, highlight it (Ctrl+A) then click on the Ncode.Me icon in the system tray. Ncode Me’s simple interface will appear above your text. Enter your encryption key and click “Encode”.

You will see your written text change to a screen of meaningless characters. This gibberish means that the text is now encrypted and no one will be able to decipher it. To change this gibberish back to understandable text, once again highlight what is on the screen, enter the same encryption key that you had used for encryption, and click on “decode”. Instantly the weird characters on your screen will revert back to clear understandable language. Sending the text in an encoded format will require that the receiving party also, as mentioned above, has the same free text encryption software in order to decode it.

Other free text encryption software we reviewed earlier include TheLetterEncrypter, and BCTextEncoder.

It is clear that having this small, useful and secure tool in your computer’s system tray will allow you to have totally privacy as well as keep your email private in the event you share a computer. It is also an ideal little program for corporate bosses and the like who send sensitive information over the Net quite often.

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In today’s world of the Internet and smart-phones, we have the ability to contact each other from, pretty much, anywhere on the planet and it is for this reason, each one of us needs to make sure everything we send over the Net is secure. Ncode.Me is a program that makes adding security insanely easy and lets you sleep at night knowing no one, except the right people, know what you wrote.

Download text encryption software here.

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