Font to Remember Text Easily: Sans Forgetica

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Sans Forgetica font is scientifically designed for online readers to make them remember things easily. It is a special font that helps you remember text that you read. Additionally, if you want to convert any piece of text to Sans Forgetica explicitly, then you can do that. You can convert font on its official website or you can use Chrome extension that it offers for the same. And if you want to use it in system wide applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint then you can do that. In one click, you can install it on your Windows and MAC PC.

At RMIT University, researchers found out that if a text is hard to read then it is less forgetful. And on this principle they creates this font, Sans Forgetica. The text stroke in this font is omitted from some points, making it a bit harder for the reader. And due to the extra effort that a reader puts to read a text in Sans Forgetica font, a text becomes more memorable. But don’t consider this font to be a magical one as it’s only based on a theory that applies on a lot of people.

Font to Remember Text Easily Sans Forgetica free

Using Sans Forgetica Font to Remember Text Easily?

If you know how to install fonts in Windows or in any other OS, then you can directly get the “Sans Forgetica” font file and install it. Once, you have installed it, you can start using this font in any application. You can use it in Word, Powerpoint, OpenOffice, etc., like applications.

Sans forgetica in open office

On the main website, you can use it to change the font of any text to Sans Forgetica for making learning easy. Alternatively, you can use the Chrome extension of Sans Forgetica in browser too. To use it in browser, first activate this extension by clicking on its icon. Next, select text on a page and release it. It will immediately convert the font of the text you highlight. You can see the following screenshot.

Sans Forgetica in action

You can convert almost font style of any text to Sans Forgetica and then use that text anywhere you want. You can use the websites or you can install it system wide to use it in the daily applications. The font is unique and you will really enjoy learning using this special font.

Closing thoughts

When it comes to learn and memorize text people use different kind of approaches. But here is another one by using a font that helps you remember text easily. Sans Forgetica font is simple, unique, and looks promising. I played with it for a while and I really enjoyed using it. If you want to try a new way of remember what you read then simply try this front and do let me know what you think about it.

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