PDF Compressor To Efficiently Reduce Size of A PDF File

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Free PDF Compressor is a handy software that is used to efficiently reduce the size of a PDF file. Do note that it does not zips the PDF file, but reduces the file size of original PDF file. It simply reduces the pdf resolution, pdf quality, and quality of images present in your PDF file. It can compress PDF with five different pdf compression settings.

Compressing a PDF file doesn’t matter a lot when a PDF file is just few KB in size. But, a pdf containing multiple pages and high quality images can be from 1 MB to 20 MB as well. In that case, Free PDF Compressor is needed. It can reduce a 1 MB file upto few KB, which you can email to your friends or can upload online, whenever needed.

Free PDF Compressor- sample pdf file size before and after compression

In above screenshot, you can see an example that shows the pdf file size before and after compression. You could easily see that a sample pdf file of 1.87 MB is compressed to 219 KB only. Thus, it is really an effective pdf compressor and a worthy companion to other similar pdf compressors.

However, if an original pdf file is already well compressed, then it won’t be able to compress the pdf size. Infact, output pdf size might become larger than source pdf, as happened with me during testing in some cases. But, it is useful when pdf is high quality.

Some Key Features Available In This Free PDF Compressor are:

  • A simple but very effective pdf compressor that can compress pdf files from MB to KB.
  • Multiple pdf files can be compressed simultaneously, if interface is opened again and again.
  • Five different settings are available according to your need. These are:
    • Screen Setting: It can compress pdf file upto the highest level. But results in low pdf resolution, low image quality (72 dpi), and provides screen view quality only.
    • eBook Setting: As the name suggests, this compression setting is suitable for eBook purpose. It can compress pdf file with medium resolution, low pdf quality, and gives output pdf with 150 dpi images.
    • Printer Setting: It will result output pdf with high quality and 300 dpi images.
    • Prepress Setting: Using this setting, high quality pdf can be generated which also preserves colors.
    • Default Setting: This compression setting can result in larger output pdf file than original pdf.
  • Absolutely free pdf compressor software which is just 7.1 MB in size.

Similar tools: PDF Reducer and Compress PDF.

How To Use This Free PDF Compressor To Reduce Size of PDF File?

Install this PDF compressor on PC and open its interface. You can use download link available at the end of this article to download this software. On its interface, simply add a source PDF file from PC using Browse button. After adding the pdf, select the output location of your choice. Then you have to simply select any of the compression setting (mentioned above) accordingly. Use Screen settings that provides higher compression level.

Free PDF Compressor- interface

Now, click on Compress button to start the compression process. Compression process was slower than I expected. But it is understandable as it processes one page at a time. Moreover, compression process also depends on the number of pages (with images) available in your pdf file. After completing the process, you can check out the size of output pdf and can compare it with original pdf. In most of the cases, it really works!

Free PDF Compressor- complete the compression process


Free PDF Compressor is one of the good pdf file reducer software. Five different compression settings makes it more meaningful for users. You can also try this pdf compressor to save disk space as well to share your pdf file with reduced size.

Get Free PDF Compressor.

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