View Instagram Likes, Profile Images in New Tab of Chrome

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This tutorial explains how to view Instagram likes, popular images, profile pics, feeds, or pics of people following in every new tab of Google Chrome.

This task is made possible by a handy extension, named as ‘Flume New Tab‘. It lets you connect your Instagram account with this extension and select a source (username, My Feed, My Likes, etc.) to view Instagram images in a new tab of Google Chrome. You can either view a single image or multiple images (as tiles) in the new tab. Apart from this, it also provides the feature to set the refresh interval to automatically change the image.

Earlier, I covered some similar extensions, like Flickr tab and Pinterest Tab, but this extension is more useful. Reason is that while other such extensions show only some random images, Flume New Tab extension lets you select the source to view images, and adjust other settings.

Flume New Tab Chrome extension to view Instagram pics in every new tab

Th above screenshot shows Instagram image in my new tab of Google Chrome.

And in the screenshot below, you can see images of my Instagram profile in form of tiles in new tab.

Instagram images of my Profile in form of tiles in new tab

This extension comes with a new idea which is really interesting. However, you might experience some trouble to use few of its options. For example, it might fail to show a single image of your Profile and pic of people following you. Only multiple images can be viewed in the form of tiles in new tab. But, for the rest of the sources, this extension worked perfectly.

How To Use this Chrome Extension to View Instagram Images in Every New Tab?

These are the steps to use this extension and view Instagram images in new tab of Google Chrome:

Step 1: First and the very basic step is to install this extension. Here is the link of its homepage that will help you to install it on Google Chrome.

Step 2: After installation, open a new tab. You will notice that this extension has replaced your old new tab. Now, you need to log in with your Instagram account and authorize this extension to access your account.

Log in with your Instagram account

Step 3: Refresh the new tab or open another tab. After this, you will see a random image of Instagram from default source. You can like that image and refresh the page to view another image.

Instagram image in new tab of Google Chrome

Step 4: This is a very crucial step in which you can access options of this extension to select a particular source and adjust other options. Go to the Extensions Manager of your Chrome browser and search for Flume New Tab extension. After that, you need to tap on Options. It will explore all the options of this extension as you can see in the screenshot below.

set options

Now you will be able to set a source: My Feed, My Likes, Popular, Tag, My Profile, or Username. Apart from this, you can also enable Show more images to see multiple images of selected source as tiles. Moreover, Refresh interval to automatically change image visible in new tab can also be set by you.

Step 5: When you have adjusted the options, SAVE the changes. After this, open a new tab, and Instagram image(s) will be visible to you based on the selected source.


I really like this extension as now I’m able to view any Instagram pic right from the new tab of my Chrome browser. Although, there are few bugs, but I hope those would be fixed soon. You should try it yourself.

Get Flume New Tab Google Chrome extension.

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