MouseControl: Firefox Plugin to Enhance Mouse Control

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MouseControl is a free plugin for Firefox that adds more mouse functions to Firefox. You can close tab, switch tabs, unclose a tab, and open new tab by just using left and right mouse buttons, and scroll. This free application allows you to have control of, as the name suggests, the mouse.

The program combines the options of close, switch, undo and quick return tab control into one easy-to-use utility. There is no user interface and all you have to do is press the correct mouse key combinations. Indeed having this option on your computer will allow you to zip around the internet with ease. The key combinations are easily remembered and within a few minutes you’ll be a pro. This plugin reminds me of Mouse Gestures software, and Firefox voice command plugin.


Here are some of the key combination that MouseControl provides:

  • Holding up the right-click of the mouse and pressing ‘scroll’ as well as the up/down keys will take you through tabs. Continue scrolling and left clicking will bring you back to your initial starting tab.
  • Clicking left without scrolling or if you are still at your starting tab, you will jump to your last used tab.
  • Click the scroll button and holding the right-click will close the tab.
  • Keeping the right-click pressed and pressing the scroll button will undo the last closed tab.

With the above combinations firmly in your brain, you’ll be off and running switching between the various tabs in Firefox without stopping for a glass of water. It is clear that this small application is a handy thing to have for those who use Firefox web browsers. The engineers and designers of this free tool have most definitely had the user in mind when they built MouseControl as it certainly gives users the shortcuts they’ve all probably been waiting for. If you’re still pondering the pros and cons of downloading this free utility, consider the advantages of having the option. No more will you have to take the conventional method to reach tabs; MouseControl takes all the hard work and allows you to do your thing. Get free MouseControl here.

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Works With: Firefox
Free/Paid: Free

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