Delete YouTube Comments History in 1 Click with this Chrome Extension

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Erasure is a free open source Chrome extension that lets you delete YouTube history in click. Basically using this Chrome plugin, you can delete all the comments that you have posted on various videos so far. It goes through each comment that it finds on the comment history page and deletes them all. It offers you a pretty automation and can help you get rid of thousands of comments in a couple of minutes. Apart from comments, you can also delete replies sent to YouTube live chats.

If you want to delete all the comments that you have posted on YouTube then it might take hours or more depending on number of comments. But if you use some automation then it will all be a matter of a few minutes. And the Chrome extension that I have mentioned here does that. YouTube already keeps all the comments that you posted till now consolidated on a page from where you can delete them. This extension here utilizes that page and helps you delete all those in a click.

Delete YouTube comment history in 1 click

How to Delete YouTube Comments History in 1 Click?

The extension is available in Chrome web store. You can install it from here and then wait for the installation. Or, you can also install it from source which available on its GitHub releases. It is all ready to use once its icon appears in the Chrome toolbar.

Erasure in Chrome Toolbar

Now, you just click on its icon and then use “Click to navigate to your comment history” button. It will take you to the comments page where you can see all your comments. Once you are there, you just use “Click to delete all comments” button to start deleting comments. Next, you just sit back to relax and see it in action right in front of your eyes. It will go through each comment and will delete immediately.

Erasure deleting all comments history

After it has done its work, the comment history page will be empty. You can use this extension in the same way on your other Google account to get rid of all comments that you have posted. Also, in the similar way, you can use this extension to delete replies that you sent to a live chart at some point in time on YouTube.

Final words:

If you are want to delete all your YouTube comments in the shortest amount of time then the extension mentioned here will help you. Just install it and then get rid of all comments with ease. I liked the way it works and if you are looking for such tool then you can stop right now and give it a try.

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