Collect Notifications From Different Websites In One Place [Chrome]

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Update 2022: This website no longer works. Use some other alternative instead such as Notyfy.

Sometimes, you might get irritated or bored to open different websites individually in order to access them. If the answer is yes, then here comes a solution for your problem in the form of Chrome extension. Horntell is a free Chrome extension to collect notifications from different websites in one single location.

You can connect your accounts for different websites like Product Hunt, Stripe, GitHub, Basecamp, Trello, MailChimp, Shopify, Zapier, and any other website that has Horntell notifications integrated. Similar to another service “allino” which lets you collect notifications from multiple email accounts, “Horntell” also does the same with all the above websites.

It shows notification for the above websites in the form of an interactive and actionable card. For example, you have connected your Product Hunt account, then you will receive a card when anybody mentions you in a comment, replies to comments, comments on your product, top 5 products of the previous day, etc.

main screenshot

How to Collect Notifications from Different Websites in One Place:

Step 1: Simply install this Chrome extension and feed your Facebook credentials to start collecting notifications from different websites like Product Hunt, Trello, GitHub, etc. An icon of “Horntell” will be integrated on your browser’s toolbar.

Step 2: As soon as you are in, you will be able to connect your accounts for 8 different websites. Click the connect button associated with a particular website and connect your account.

connect accounts

Step 3: When you’re done with connecting accounts, you can see all the new notifications for your accounts. Each time you receive a notification, a pop-up will appear below the “Horntell” icon indicating that a new card is formed.


Step 4: The best part is that after receiving a card, you can directly take actions such as reply to comments, post comments, mention someone, etc. right on the extension pop-up.

Step 5: When you click the “Horntell’ icon, you will see 3 different buttons at the top. One is for notifications, another one is for connected or not connected websites, and the last one is for disconnecting all your connected accounts.


Step 6: Horntell pop-ups all the notification cards in real-time. It also shows from which website you have received the notification and at what time.

My Final Verdict:

Horntell is a great Chrome extension to collect notifications from multiple websites like Product Hunt, GitHub, Zapier, Trello, etc. on a single pop-up or location. It shows the notification as an actionable card to make it possible for you to take direct actions. Connect up to 8 different websites and get real-time notifications.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 21 Average: 5]
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