How to Extract Outlook & Browser passwords from External Windows Drive

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ExtPassword is a free software to extract Outlook, Chrome, Firefox, Windows passwords from external Windows drive. Here this software takes a location of External Windows drive from you and then lists all the passwords. Here this software can list stored passwords from aforementioned software along with Thunderbird, Dialup, VPN, network keys, and some other Microsoft products. However, for this software to work, you need to know the Windows login password in order to extract other passwords stored in that Windows installation on external drive. Not only Windows on external drive, but you can use this software on internal drive as well.

If you have a hard disk or an external hard disk on which exists a previous Windows installation then you can recover some valuable information from that. And here this software lest you do that. All you need to do is just enter the drive letter of the external disk attached to your PC and then let it do the rest for you. You can see the list of all the passwords that it reveals and the software name in which they are stored. You can see all the passwords in clear text and export them as an HTML file as well.

How to Extract Outlook & Browser passwords from External Windows Drive?

Using ExtPassword freeware is very simple. You can download the ZIP archive of this software from here. Next, you extract it and then simply open it up. During the ZIP extraction process, you will have to enter ZIP password which is “SoftNirPre987@”. After that, you simply have to specify the drive letter and Windows login password.

ExtPasswords enter the details of Win

If all the things go correctly, then you will be presented with the list of all the passwords stored in that Windows installation. For every password that it decrypts, you can see resource path, item type, software, username, password, file location, and Windows profile. And you are even allowed to export it as well as an HTML table.

ExtPasswords in action

In this way, you can recover your passwords from a Windows installation in an external drive. All you have to do is just point this software to the drive that contains a Windows installation and then let it do the rest. Simple as that.

Closing thoughts

ExtPassword is a simple and a very straightforward software to extract password from external Windows disk. You only need to provide the Windows’ login password and then leave the rest to it. You can also use it on an internal drive. And if you use it on internal drive then make sure that Chrome or other application is not running. Otherwise, it will not list passwords from that software.

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