Windows 8 Caveman Game: Caveman Adventure

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Caveman Adventure is a Windows 8 Caveman Game. In this adventurous game, you have to complete the various adventurous tasks given to you. You (as a caveman) have to run through the forest, thereby collecting apples, bananas, and meat that you find. In the end, you finally have to reach your cave. While running through the forest, you will find a number of dangers like prehistoric creatures, thorns, trenches, steeped platforms, and other dangers.

Caveman Adventure is freely available in the games category of the Windows store.

Caveman Adventure

Playing this Windows 8 Caveman Game

As you get to the main screen of the game, the option to start the game will be shown to you.

Caveman Adventure- Main screen

Get to the option, and you would be shown the story you have to complete. The story has a number of levels that you have to complete.

Caveman Adventure- Levels

My cave is the first level that is available to you. As you get to the level, you would be first shown the quest that you would have to complete. In the first level, your quest is to find the cave of the caveman. The story of the caveman is: The caveman finds himself sleeping inside the forest. He is hungry, and has to get to his cave. On the way, there are a number of fruits like apples and bananas. Meat is also present on the way. You have to get maximum fruits and meat. One banana is equivalent to 10 apples, and 100 apples add up to become one meat. Sometimes, heat also appears, on hitting which you can get a life increase.

Also, do keep in mind that on the way a number of hindrances like walking and flying dinosaurs, thorns, trenches, and other things will appear. You have to avoid them, and if possible have to kill them. You can use the stone hammer that you have, to hit and kill them.

There are many ways by which your game will end. They are:

  • Your life ends due to being hit by the obstacles.
  • When the game is going on, the caveman will start running by himself, and the screen moving by itself. If you, somehow, are left behind, you will be dead.
  • If you fall into a trench.


The controls of the game are too easy. You can use the Z key to hit your weapon. Use the Space Bar key to jump. You can use the controls that are present on the bottom left and right side of the game area if you are using mouse or touch enabled device.

During the game, your life would be shown with a power bar on the top left corner of the game. The distance you have covered, your fruit count would be shown on the upper right side of the game area.

Caveman Adventure- Game

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My Verdict

Caveman Adventure is a nice Windows 8 Caveman Game with a nice game play. You just have to collect the fruits and meat, and have to survive by avoiding the obstacles that come in the way. I am quite sure that you will definitely enjoy this game. The game will actually surprise you as I was not able to complete the entire game. Share your experience with us.

Get Caveman Adventure here

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