Windows 10 Jigsaw Puzzle App with Option to Customize each Puzzle

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Animal Jigsaw Puzzles is a free Windows 10 jigsaw puzzle app with beautiful animal images to be made out of puzzle pieces. The app lets you choose the number of pieces you want to have in each puzzle that you play. Jigsaw puzzles are fun but customized jigsaw puzzles are much better.

The Windows 10 jigsaw puzzle app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will come across an interface as shown in the screenshot below.

animal jigsaw puzzles home
The home screen of the app itself lists all the animal images for you to choose from. Once you select an image you get other options as can be seen in the screenshot below.
animal jigsaw puzzles options
Now this is the screen where you can customize your jigsaw puzzle. First of all you can choose a size of the puzzle, like how many pieces you want in your jigsaw puzzle. You can choose between 12, 20, 24, 48, 70, and 96 pieces. Then you can choose your puzzles pieces shape from the given two which is either square or zigzag.

In extra options you can choose if you want the puzzle pieces rotation option on or off. If you are playing the game on a big screen then you also have the option to increase puzzle pieces to 120, 154, or 192.

animal jigsaw puzzles board

Once you have customized your puzzle, you will have your puzzle in front of you, as seen in the screenshot above. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are given on the right side of the app window. Whereas the left side is for assembling the puzzle image.

animal jigsaw puzzles solveing

The above screen shows the assembling of an puzzle image. At the bottom of the app you get options where you can choose to display edge pieces or loose pieces of the puzzle only at a time.

You can also turn on the option to show a ghost image or a semi transparent image in the background for your reference. It will make assembling the pieces much easier if you are stuck.

Features of this Windows 10 jigsaw puzzle app:

  • Solve jigsaw puzzles.
  • Good collection of animal images to play.
  • Customize each puzzle by choosing how many pieces you want in a puzzle.
  • You can choose the shape of the puzzle pieces.
  • Option to see a semi transparent image in the background to help you out.
  • Option to see only edge pieces or loose pieces at a time.


Animal jigsaw puzzles is a fun puzzle game for all age groups. The best part about the puzzle app is its customization option. You can choose how many pieces, shape of the pieces, etc. This makes the game much fun and you can even control how difficult you want the game to be by choosing number of pieces.

Checkout Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Windows 10 here.

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