5 Free Photo Organizer Software for Windows 10

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Here is a list of 5 free photo organizer software for Windows 10.

Organizing the photos is really a tough task especially when we have to do this manually. Thankfully, there are many free software to do this task. I have created the list of such free and best photo organizer software which are compatible with Windows 10.

Each photo organizer has many good features. You can add tags to photos, export photos to a folder, set color labels, create slideshow, and do many other things.

So, let’s start the first free photo organizer software for Windows 10 present in this list.

My Photo Index

My Photo Index- interface

My Photo Index is a powerful and one of the best free photo organizer software for Windows 10. Its interface shows the thumbnails of all the added photos and you can also view any photo in original size by double-clicking. Organizing the photos is too easy. You can set colored labels, add tags, ratings, and do other things. Later, you can sort photos by tabs, labels, ratings, etc. So, even if hundreds or thousands or photos are available in your collection, organizing and sorting them would be too easy for you using this software.

The software has some other important features also. Among those features, encrypting an image is a very interesting and unique feature. You can protect any photo by encrypting it and by setting a custom password. The photo is stored in encrypted format on the original location and not just on its interface.

Other features like add comment to a photo, change original and last modified dates, rotate images, and save an image as BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF, etc., are really good. Overall, this photo organizer is perfect. You won’t regret using this software.

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Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery- interface

Windows Live Photo Gallery (a part of Microsoft’s Windows Essentials suite) is an all in one popular photo organizer, editor and viewer software. It is a very good option when you are looking for photo organizer software for Windows 10.

You can import photos from a folder or device (camera) and then use options available to organize those photos. You can add a caption, GeoTag, set rating, and bulk tag flags to images. After that, it will be very easy for you to find photos.

The software also comes with other interesting features. For example, you can enhance photos by adding the filters, resize and rename photos, rotate photos, set noise reduction, create panorama, create photo collage, and more.

Your photos can also be shared to Facebook, YouTube, OneDrive, etc. This software competes with the previously mentioned software and surely a good choice as a photo organizer software.

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SunlitGreen Photo Manager

SunlitGreen Photo Manager- interface

SunlitGreen Photo Manager is another good option here as a free photo organizer software for Windows 10. Using this software, you can create unlimited photo albums, add multiple categories in those albums, and tag photos. Thus, by creating different albums and categories, it becomes really easy to organize photos and access them easily. However, only one album at a time can be used.

Its interface is also user-friendly and very simple. You can start by creating a new album, then create categories, and finally, add photos in bulk.

This software doesn’t come with advanced options like add comments, geotags, etc. However, if your need is to have a simple yet meaningful photo organizer, then this software is perfect.

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MAGIX Photo Manager

MAGIX Photo Manager- interface

MAGIX Photo Manager (free for personal use) also competes with other best photo organizer software available in this list. This software lets you bulk export photos to any location and sort photos by keywords, creation date, similar images, etc.

One interesting feature that catches my attention is that you can edit image details using Organize option available in Tasks menu. So, if you need to correct or add the title, change creation date, author name, set rating, etc., it can be done very easily for every single image.

The software has other useful features also. For example, you can optimize the sharpness, HDR, contrast of a photo, play slideshow, burn photos, and more. A few other features like create a photo book, convert photos to video, etc., also present, but the software requires the installation of other native software to perform these tasks. However, if you don’t have the need of such features, then you can use this photo organizer with built-in tools only.

Note: You need to register for free to get the registration code and use this software for personal use.

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Photology- interface

Photology has an elegant interface and is a good photo organizer for Windows 10. Initially, you need to provide the locations of image folders and then it automatically fetches images and indexes them. When the images are indexed, you can add any image to the default group. You also have the choice to create more groups with custom names and add images to any of those groups.

It is also an image viewer and lets you view any image in original size. A couple of interesting options are also present that makes it more useful. You can crop and rotate an image, find or filter images by color, filter (if applied), date, time of the day, etc.

The Verdict:

Among these free photo organizers, my favorite is “My Photo Index”. Despite the fact it has a lot of features, I find it more convenient to use than other software available in this list. You may choose your favorite photo organizer from this list and share the experience.

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