5 Websites to Get Free Cover Letter Templates

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Here is a list of 5 websites to get free cover letter templates. If you are a job seeker, then you can’t afford to underestimate the importance of a cover letter. It is really crucial for any job seeker to have a good cover letter because it is the first thing that a recruiter sees about you. It is like your introduction to him and the recruiter will move over to your resume only if he finds your cover letter to be good enough. In order to help you in writing a good cover letter, I will talk about 5 websites which let you download free cover letter templates.

Let’s get started.

1. SusanIreland:


The first website in the list to get free cover letter templates is SusanIreland.  The cover letters in this website are divided in different categories, like, Cover letter to Hiring manager, Follow up to a meeting, Cover letter when someone refers you to the company, and so on. So, based on your purpose, you can find the relevant cover letter. Under each category, there are many cover letters available, divided primarily on the job profile for which cover letter is being sent. For example, you can find cover letter for Marketing position, cover letter for Project Manager, cover letter for Multimedia Consultant, and so on. So, you can be assured that you will be able to find a cover letter that is most relevant to you. In all, this website has 50+ cover letter templates that you can choose from. The biggest disadvantage of this website is that it does not let you download the cover letter template as a Word file; instead, it will show the contents of the cover letter online and you will need to copy them and use in your document. Not a big deal, if you ask me, but I would have personally preferred a nicely formatted Word file template of Cover Letter.

2. Office.com:


Office.com from Microsoft is another website to download free cover letter templates. On the website, you will find different categories of templates and you have to click on Resumes and Cover Letters to get cover letter templates. Since the category includes both the resumes and cover letters, so you will need to look for the cover letter templates manually. The website has 6 different cover letters. All the cover letters are somewhat similar except for the font color and formatting. To get any cover letter, click on its thumbnail image and save it to your Microsoft account.

3. Total Jobs:

Total Jobs

Total Jobs is the website which has listed all the free cover letter templates on the basis of the experience level of the job seekers. Some of the categories are Unemployed, Graduate (no experience), First Job (non-graduate), Career Changer, etc.. For each category, you can read a brief info about it. There are also two links for each of the cover letter: How to write that type of cover letter and Download the template.

4. Quint Careers:

Quint Careers

The second last website in the list is Quint Careers. This website lists all the cover letters on the basis of job type, like General, Mid-manager or higher, New college grad internship, etc.. Under each category, there are more than 10 cover letter templates. All of the templates vary on the basis of the template category chosen by you. For example, if you will go to the Mid-manager cover templates category then you will find cover letters for sales manager, consumer marketing, human resource director, training manager, etc..

5. Resumizer:


Resumizer is the last website in the list for you to download free cover letter templates. The website offers 6 templates, with each of them being different in the style of writing and approaching the prospective employer. A good feature of the website is that you can also make cover letters. To make a cover letter, you have to select the template and fill in the required details like your name, address, company info, etc.. Depending on the details provided by you, the website will show you the cover letter. You can then copy it and paste it in any document for later use.

These are the 5 websites to get free cover letter templates. Check them out to find the best cover letter matching your professional goals and the prospective job.

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