8 Websites to Download Free Balance Sheet Template

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Here’s a list of 8 websites to get free balance sheet template for your business. These websites provide multiple balance sheet templates for you to try and use. We all know that balance sheets are an integral part of any business, be it a startup or a well established company. One simply can’t think of running his business successfully and avoid balance sheets at the same time. As per Wikipedia, Balance Sheet is often described as the snapshot of  a company’s financial condition.

All the templates are downloaded in .xls format and you can open them using any Excel file viewer. So let’s get started with them.

1. Template.net:


Template.net is the first website in this list to get free balance sheet template. There are 3 balance sheet templates to choose from. Each one of them is different from the other in term of appearance and layout. For each template, there are two options: Download and Share. The Download option downloads the template for you instantly with no annoying offers or conditions to fulfill. While the Share options lets you share the template on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Behance. Apart from this, the website also explains what is balance sheet and what are its important points.

2. TidyForm:


TidyForm is the second website for you to get free balance sheet template. This website has 4 templates for you to choose from. For each of the template; TidyForm shows file type, size, and number of pages. There’s an option View Details, clicking on it will take you to the page from where you can see the enlarged screenshots of the template and download it. Click on Download option to download Balance Sheet template instantly.

3. Practical Spreadsheets:

Practical Spreadsheets

The next website in the list is Practical Spreadsheets. The website has one free balance sheet template for you to download and use. Using the template, you will be able to calculate total assets, equity, and liabilities. There are two separate columns, one for current year while other is for the previous. The features include auto population of all calculated fields, and shading on the spreadsheet to distinguish between liabilities and equity.

4. Business Accounting Basics:

Business Accounting Basics

The fourth website Business Accounting Basics provides you with a simple and basic balance sheet template. The template has the field for entering your business name at the top. Below the company name, you have fields for entering Fixed Assets, Depreciation, Current Assets, Less Current Liabilities, and Equity. You can easily add and remove any field as per your need.

5. Vertex 42:

Vertex 42

Vertex 42 is the fifth website in the list for you to check out the balance sheet template. The template has two sections: Assets and Liabilities, and Owner’s Equity. For each section, there are further two sections: for current year and previous year.  The good thing about Vertex 42 is that it has also included a section where you will find explanations related to balance sheet essentials. Each essential term includes definition in a simple language, along with examples wherever needed.

6. SmallBizConnect:


SmallBizConnect provides you with free balance sheet template of two types: 12-month and 5-year. You can download any or both of them with just one click instantly with no annoying pop-ups. When you will click on the download link, the balance sheet template will be downloaded to your PC. As for the template, there are three sections: Assets, Liabilities, and Equities. For both Assets and Liabilities, there are options to add current and non-current.

7. SmartBiz:


SmartBiz is the website which offers one free balance sheet template for you. It comes with following preset fields: Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Current Liabilities, Long-term liabilities, equity, and capital. You only have to enter the numbers, and the sheet auto calculates all sub-totals and totals. It also tells you if your balance sheet doesn’t balance. The downloading of the template is simple; simply click the download link and you’ll get it without any wait.

8. Sample Templates:

Sample Templates

The free balance sheet template provided by Sample Templates is pretty simple. It has two sections: Assets on left and Liabilities on the right. The Assets section includes Current Assets, Long Term Investments, Fixed Assets, Intangible Assets, and Other Assets. On the Liabilities side, there are Current Liabilities, Long Term Liabilities, Total Liabilities, Stock Holder’s Equity, and Total Stock Holder’s Equity. These are preset fields, but you can alter them as per your need.

These are the 8 websites to get free balance sheet templates. Check them out and get the best suited balance sheet for your business.

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