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Vye Music is a free online music streaming website that streams music from Youtube. However, the great feature of Vye Music is that you can search for complete albums, and Vye Music will play all the songs of that album from Youtube.

Music is the universal language and thus is wanted and shared by people around the world. In the early days of the Internet music downloading sites were easily accessed and music lovers everywhere took advantage. And then one day it all came to an end when the music corporations, realized they were missing out on millions of dollars, clamped down on copyrighted music downloads.

Music geeks across the planet cursed and looked for other methods; online radio, Youtube and other music outlet sites were inundated with listeners. However, no one had control over what he or she listened to – they were at the mercy of the websites. With free Vye Music one is able to listen to the free streaming music and free music MP3 files of their choice.

Indeed Vye Music’s idea is quite unique in that instead of downloading music, one can create a Youtube playlist and thus listen to the music of their choice until the cows come home – whenever that may be.

The following explains how to use Vye Music and enjoy your favorite tunes:

  • Click on any song on the homepage or use the search bar to find your favorite.
  • Instantly the player will open at the bottom of your screen and begin playing the selected tune – video included.
  • Add more songs by browsing the site and selecting while your first choice plays. Users are able to continue adding to the playlist.

To try this free music streaming website, I searched for my current favorite artist: Taylor Swift. It immediately gave me lot of albums of Taylor Swift. I clicked on one of those albums, and it gave all the songs of that album. Just one click on one of the songs started playing all the songs. See the screenshot below (click to expand):


If users want to take advantage of all options Vye Music offers, then he or she needs to use the Facebook Connect feature to create an account. After an account has been created a new icon will appear on the left of the screen after signing in, allowing users to create and save a playlist.

Listening to free streaming music as well as creating Youtube playlists, are just two of the features Vye Music offers. Without question free music from free Mp3 is something that the aforementioned music lovers continually strive to attain and with Vye Music their needs and wishes are met.

In the near future, the creators of Vye Music, plan to add various new features including the ability to share playlists with friends and others around the world. This free program works with all browsers; however it requires broadband Internet connection.

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