Visualize Real Stem Cell Models in 3D

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Allen Integrated Cell is a free online tool that allows you to visualize real stem cell models in 3D. It has a collection of some stem cell models studied over time. You can select any cell and then it opens that on its 3D viewer. It allows you to explore the cell in a very detailed manner. It has listed some proteins and other structures too which are commonly found around the cell. You can visualize them too. It allows you to Desmoplakin, Alpha actinin, Alpha tubulin, Fibrillarin, Lamin B1, Myosin IIB, Sec61 beta, etc., and some more.

In real world, the human cells don’t look like what we have seen in our science books. They don’t even look like 10 percent of that. But if you’re curious to know how a cell look like in real, than this online cell visualizer will help you. The team behind this tool have put the real structure of a cell by studying 10 thousand of human cells. You can see the different biological components and the protein structures around the cell and visualize them in 3D viewer.

online Visualize Real Stem Cell Models in 3D

How to Visualize Real Stem Cell Models in 3D?

Allen Integrated Cell is one of its kind of tool which help you visualize the real stem cell in 3D. However, you are not allowed to download that. You can choose different cells from it and then visualize them all. You can turn off and on different cell components from the view and use PAN, Drag, Zoom like tools to assist you while you are studying it.

Here is how to use this free online tool to visualize real stem cells in 3D.

Step 1: You can reach to the main page of the Allen Integrated Cell and then you will see the different cells on the top side.

allen integrated cell free

Step 2: The cell you select will appear in the viewer. The model in the viewer in 3D and you can view it from any angle and position. Hold and right click to move it and use the left mouse click to turn it to any angle. Also, you can use the scrolling wheel to zoom in to the structure.

Step 3: On the left side of the viewer, there are the names of proteins given. You can either see them all or you can opt to see them selectively. If you want to see all of them, then click on “All Predicted” button. And click on the “All Observed” button to selectively enable a specific components in the cell and view it. You can use the eye icon in front of each protein name to make it visible in the viewer.

allen integrated cell cell parameters

In this way, you can use this online tool to visualize a cell in 3D. If you really want to know and study how a human cell looks, then you should try Allen Integrated Cell. Study various cells and with the other cell components in a very interactive manner. This tool is completely free and you don’t even have to create an account to get started.

Final words

Allen Integrated Cell is a unique and a very nice tool to visualize stem cells in 3D. If you are in high school or in a Biology related line of work, then you will surely like this tool and want to use it. You can study a real cell and visualize different proteins around it along with their structures.

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