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Instant RSS Search is a free RSS search engine with Instant Search. It means that the search engine will start showing the results to you in real-time as you will type the search query. The Instant RSS Search is powered by Google to make searching an easy and quick task.

The tool also lets you search for the RSS feeds using 3 types of search queries: Feeds for a particular topic, website/blog, and a particular topic on a particular website. The website also lets you check the preview of the feeds.

I can guess you’re already getting excited to know more about this tool, aren’t you? So, let’s just jump on to the steps to use this tool and how to use it effectively.

Using RSS Search Engine

Using this RSS Search Engine with Instant Search:

When you will open the Instant RSS Search, you will see the interface shown in the screenshot posted below. You have to type any term related to the topic whose RSS feed you want.

Instant RSS Search

Depending upon the search query, the website will start showing you results in real-time taking the advantage of Instant Search. For each of the results, it will show you the feed title and the options to get the RSS feed URL and to preview the RSS Feed.

Using RSS Search Engine

Clicking on the Preview Feed option will show you the latest feed with the title of posts along with publishing date.

Preview Feed

This was the common way of finding the feed which sometimes might not show the expected and precise results. To help you get the best results in lesser time, the RSS search engine supports 3 types of specific queries to get the specific results. Let’s check them out.

1. Find RSS feeds related to a particular topic from all of the popular blogs and websites:

If you are looking for RSS feeds related to a particular topic and don’t have any particular website or blog in mind, then you simply need to enter the topic. For example: “nba”, “weather”, “tom cruise”, etc.. The method I explained above was an example of it.

2. Find RSS feeds from a particular website and blog:

So you have a favorite website or blog which you want to follow all the time and stay updated, but don’t know its RSS feed. No problem, simply search for it using the tool by entering the search query as site:websiteurl. For example: “”, “”, etc..

Feeds from a particular website or blog

3.  Find RSS feeds about a particular topic from a particular website or blog:

You want to add feeds about a particular topic, but you don’t want to get it from any other website or blog other than your favorite one. Stop worrying, simply use the search query topic name site:websiteurl. For example: “obama”, “katy perry”, etc..

RSS feed of a particular topic from a particular website

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Final Verdict:

RSS Instant Search is an awesome RSS search engine making it easier for you to find the RSS feeds related to any topic from any website. All you need is to type the correct search query and the instant search is the cherry on the cake. Do give it a try.

Try RSS Instant Search here.

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