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Parapara Animation is a free online simple animation maker for kids developed by Mozilla. Using this animation maker, kids can make simple and short animations by drawing on multiple slides. The animations created using this website will be like multi-frame flipbook animations and can be played online with ease. Unlike other flipbook animation maker websites, this one doesn’t actually have many tools except the color pencils and an eraser. It offers different colors and sizes for the pencil which you can pick and draw on the canvas.

The best part of this simple animation maker is that it can be used in any devices like PC, smartphones, tablets, etc. Do note that works properly on Mozilla Firefox browser only. After creating an animation, you can play it right on the website or share with others via email, QR code, or a unique URL.

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How to Create Animation using this Simple Animation Maker for Kids:

To get started, simply visit the homepage of Parapara Animation. After that, kids can directly start creating animation as no registration is required. There you will see a blank slide along with the toolbar on the left. On the toolbar, you will see pencils of 8 different colors which you can use to draw on the slide canvas. There you will also see an eraser which you can use to make corrections to your drawings.

To start drawing, simply click on any of the pencils and then choose the size of the pencil. There are three different sizes available for each pencil. After that, you can start drawing anything you want on the canvas, as shown below.

After you’re done drawing on the first slide, you can click on the “+” option at the top of the canvas to add a new slide. Then you can start drawing on the new slide. Similarly, you can add multiple slides such that each slide will work as a frame for the animation which you’re creating.

While drawing on the canvas, if you make some mistake then you can use the eraser to remove the drawing and start again. The eraser also comes with three different sizes which you can choose before making corrections on the canvas.

When you’re all set with the drawings and slides, you can simply click on the “Play/Pause” button on the toolbar to play the slides as animation. After the animation starts playing, you can use the “Arrows” on the left and right to change the playback speed of the animation.

Then you can click on the “OK” button at the bottom to generate the unique URL and QR code for sharing your animation. You will also be able to directly send your animations to anyone via email. It doesn’t provide any option to download animations, but you can actually use the unique URL to open the animation and then save it as SVG file from right-click menu.

Closing Words:

Parapara Animation is a very intuitive and interesting animation maker. It makes creating simple flipbook animations a cakewalk for kids. You can use this simple animation maker to tell stories or explain anything with your animated drawings.

Try “Parapara Animation” from here.

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