4 Free Email Template Builder Websites to Create Responsive Templates

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Here are 4 free email template builder websites to create responsive templates. These websites let you create email templates for your marketing campaigns by just a simple drag and drop. You will find a lot of template designs in these template builder services and you can also create your own templates. These email template builder websites uses modern HTML5 and CSS code to make the template responsive. In addition to that, some of these websites also let you send a test email to verify whether your template is showing correctly on different devices. After creating your template you can download it in HTML format and use it to send your marketing emails. Apart from downloading templates, some of these websites let you save your template on their server.

If you have some HTML and CSS knowledge, then you will easily create an email template. Although, the coding is not necessary for creating email templates on these websites, but you just have to keep certain HTML elements in mind. For example, the alignment of text, alignment of images, etc. Just drag and drop sections on the template, fill them with text, images or even GIFs and export the code as HTML file. And while creating an email template, you can configure each and every parameter of the template elements.

Email Template Builder Websites to Create Responsive Templates

4 Free Email Template Builder Websites to Create Responsive Templates


topol email template builder

Topol.io is one of the best email template builder website to create responsive email templates. This website is very simple to use and doesn’t even require registration to start creating templates. In the free plan, you just pick a template that it shows to you and start editing it according to your needs. Not only that, if you think you are creative enough, then you can start building your own template from scratch. On the template editor, you will see different controls and HTML elements that you can drag and drop on the work space. Also, you can create many sections on the template and add your content there. On your template, you can add images, text, separators, spaces, GIFs, buttons, hyperlinks, an HTML snippet, social links, etc. After you are done creating a template, you can download it as HTML file on your PC.

Using Topol.io to create an email template is very easy. Just open the homepage of the website and you will see some free template designs there. You can choose any one template and start editing it. Also, you can choose to create a template from scratch. After selecting template, it will open in the editor and you can start adding content on it. On the left side of the editor, you can see various elements that you can add in your template. You can add image, GIF, video, buttons, text, dividers, etc. And when you have created your template, you can download the HTML file of the template. Use Save & Download button from the top to download template on your PC.


Beefree email template builder

Beefree.io is another very good email template builder website in my list. You can simply choose a free template on the website and then start editing it. Also, if you want you can start building your template from the very beginning. Beefree website lets you create an email template by adding text, images, links, buttons, social favicons, separators, etc. And the best part about this email template builder is that it even lets you send a test email to see how your template is looking in the inbox. Design your email template in it by just simple drag and drop and export it as HTML file. The HTML file later can be embedded in bulk email sending services like MailChimp.

It’s very simple to create an email template with Beefree. The template editor of Beefree is very friendly and uses simple drag and drop operations to design your template. You can upload images from your PC, or you can also search for free images in it that suits your email template. So design your template and manipulate the colors of foreground and background, font type, font size, etc. And when you are done with your template you can download it in HTML file format. And just before downloading the template, you can test it by sending a test email. Use the Actions> Send test option to send a test email.


unroll io email template builder

Unroll.io is a simple yet good email template builder website. Though, it comes with certain limitations, but when it comes to create simple email templates, then it is considerable. You can create 3 templates and save them on your account on Unroll.io. This only counts the templates that you keep on its server. if you are keeping templates on your PC, then there are unlimited email templates you can design. It offers you 10 GB of storage to upload and save your images. Also one thing I want to tell you about this website is that it doesn’t give an HTML file. However, it can show you the HTML code of the template. If you want to save template on its server then it is okay. But if you want to keep a template on your PC, then you can copy that HTML code and create a HTML file on PC and save the code in that.

Before you start creating your email template, you will have to first register yourself on Unroll.io. After that, you can start creating your template. The template editor of Unroll.io is like the others that I have mentioned in this list. You can drag and drop elements from the right pane to your template design and change the various parameters. After that template has been created, you can see the HTML code by switching the design view to HTML code view. You can’t test the email template by sending an actual email, but the template that it creates is the responsive. And the template is fully visible on every device.


mosiac io email template builder

Mosaico.io is a simple email template builder website that you can use. There is no prior registration process to use this website. Just get to its main interface, design your template and download it as an HTML file. The template editor of the website is very intuitive and lets you easily design a responsive email template that you can use. You can add text, images, social favicons, links, and buttons in your template and also test them by sending a test email. However, it leaves its logo at the bottom in the email template that you finalize. But you can remove it by editing the HTML code.

Using Mosaic.io as an email template builder is very easy. Just open its homepage and choose a template to start editing. After getting to the template editor, you can also start creating your template. On the left side, there are some blocks given that you can drag and drop on your template. In the image block you can upload images you want in your news letter and align them appropriately. After creating the news letter, you can test it if you want. There is a test button given on the top side of the software. After ensuring that the email template is looking fine, you can download its HTML code.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the best email template builder websites I have found so far. All of these websites lets you create responsive templates for your marketing campaigns and some other purpose. Even some of them let you test the template by sending a test email. So if you like to create your own email template, then these services will help you. Personally, I really like Topol.io and Beefree.io as they don’t require you to sign up and come with all the necessary tools and options. And if you know some free email template builder, then you can tell me in the comments down below.

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