Free Company Information API to get Address, City, Country, Industry, Sector

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Databar provides a free company information API to get address, city, country, industry, sector, risk profile and other details about any company. All you have to do, specify its stick ticker as an input to get more details. There is no authentication or anything like that required in order to use it. Also, you don’t really have to use a browser or HTTP client to make an API request.

Databar is an API marketplace, pretty much like Rapid API, where you can find useful free and paid APIs. You can use these APIs in your projects and then simply fetch information about any company. Since all you need a stack ticket, you can easily get that from Nasdaq or simply from Yahoo Finance.

On the Databar UI, you can only test the platform. In order to integrate the API on your projects, you need to go through the documentation and then see the endpoint and API syntax. You can implement it in any programming language and since it is a public API, so you don’t need any auth token or anything like that.

Free Company Information API to get Address, City, Country, Industry, Sector

In order to use this API, you will have to create a free account on Databar website. After verifying your email address, you can start subscribing to the different APIs that you see there. Find Company asset profile API there and subscribe to it.

public company asset profile

Now, you can start using right on the Databar platform. There is a simple documentation about it there which can be useful for you. And to get started, you can copy some stock tickers from this website. This website has almost all the stock tickers and so you can use them with ease.

nasdaq ticker

Now, you can just input the API parameters there to start using it. Simply enter the stock ticker name in the left sidebar and then hit the Run button from the bottom side. It will then show you the corresponding data to you. You can then try again with some other stock ticker and it will work just fine.

public company asset profile in action

Apart from the tabular data, you can switch to the JSON view as well. The JSON data is huge and you will need some kind of JSON viewer to analyze it.

public company asset profile JSON

This is it. In this way, you can use this simple and powerful platform, which is very useful for developers and programmers. Here I have just talked about the free company information API that it offers. But you are free to try other free or paid APIs as well.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a free company information API, then you are at the right place. Use the one I have mentioned here and use it to gather the important data about any company. The best part is that there is no authentication or key system. It is public and you can implement it in any application with ease. What I liked more about it Databar platform is that it lets you test the APIs without using Rest API tools.

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