Free Automatic A/B Testing Tool for Website Content based on AI: Coframe

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Coframe is a free AI based A/B testing tool for website content that you can use. It can generate and change website content such as titles, paragraphs, sections, and other things using AI and shows you analytics. Basically, after taking a page of your website, it generates multiple variations of the same content and then dynamically switches the content to increase engagement.

You can choose which content to A/B test and additionally, you can manually change the content on the webpages of your website as well. It basically gets integrated into your website and gives you a centralized portal from where you can create and control the A/B tests for your website.

If you are running a news blog or an online community that attracts a lot of people and the traffic then you might need an A/B test to make the content more appealing and relevant. You can do that manually but it will take a lot of time to come up with an idea and then update that on the website. But with Coframe, you will not have to do that. You will see later in the post how.

Automatic AB Testing Tool for Website Content based on AI Coframe

Free Automatic A/B Testing Tool for Website Content based on AI: Coframe:

Start by signing up for a free account on the main Coframe website. After that, you need to simply add your website and then let it scan it.

Create a new Coframe

After scanning. it will fetch some content from the website that it can A/B test for you. So, select the element that you want to A./AB test. After you select the correct element and then it will create 5 different variations for it. It will give you a script tag that you have to add on your website to save the changes.

Coframe Variations and SCript

So, update your site with the code it gives you so it can make changes to the website content on your behalf.

Deploy Coframe Script

Once it is done, you can track the status from the dashboard. Depending on the content and AI generated variations you chose, it will keep rotating them from time to time and will show you the corresponding analytics.

Coframe Deployed Changes

You can repeat the process with some other webpages of your website. Just give it webpage URL and then it will generate the variations accordingly and then you can add the page to the A/B test list and monitor.

The free plan of Coframe gives you 50 variations generation per month. This is good for small and low traffic websites to experiment with and benefits from the automatic A/B testing. If you need more quota then you can always subscribe to the paid plan.

Closing thoughts:

A/B testing is one of the most used and effective techniques across websites and social media. The only downside is that it takes time and effort. But when you use Coframe then you will not have to do that stuff manually anymore. Just integrate this into your website and then A/B test content right from the Coframe dashboard. So, go give this a try and let me know what you think.

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