Find LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub Profiles using this Free People Search Tool

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Free People Search Tool is a simple website where you can find LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Dribble profiles of users. Here you search a person’s name with a profession and it will list all the matching profiles from the selected platform on a SERP like interface. It works without any registration or sign up and helps you find people you are looking for.

This website here is a great resource for people look for leads daily in order to pitch marketing or product offers. Her using this tool, you can find right people from target organization. It offers 4 different search tools now that work separately. It generates multipage search results, with the most relevant ones at the top.

Whenever you feel like finding new contacts, prospects or leads, this tool here will help you. With this free sourcing tool, it will be easier for you to locate people and the usage is extremely simple, pretty much like Google Search.

Find LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub Profiles

Find LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub Profiles using this Free People Search Tool

You can reach the here. The very first search tool is LinkedIn. And here you just enter a name with profession or organization name as suffix. Next, you hit enter key to see the results. It will pull the most relevant results almost instantly, and then you can see any of them if it is useful to you.

Free People search Tool LinkedIn

Next, you can go to the Twitter section. Repeat the same process and then it will list the most relevant results from Twitter. If you do find the person you were looking, then their social media account, Twitter in this case, will give more insights. You will know their interests, active hours, and topics they usually tweet ab about.

Free People search Tool Twitter

Similarly, you can use the GitHub and Dribble tool this website offers to find the developers and UI designers. The process is the same as you only have to enter a name with a credential. It will then take care of the rest.

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If you work in email marketing or similar line of work where you have to find leads or new contacts, then this tool here will come in handy. With the help of this tool, you can find potential clients to pitch your product and services and it will eventually help you grow your business.

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