Browse Reddit in a Command Line Interface: reddit shell

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reddit shell is a free online service to browse Reddit in a command line interface. It is actually a web based Linux shell emulator using which you can explore Reddit by entering the commands. You can do all the things that you do on Reddit. For example, you can explore the list of latest posts, upvote, downvote any post, view comments for a particular post, post comments, and more.

Do note that it is complete web-based, and you do not need to download anything. This would be a good way to browse Reddit in office, to make your boss think you are working hard.

There are many extensions and desktop clients for reddit out there, but using Reddit in a command line interface is really interesting. Also, unlike normal command line tools, this one provides the option to display images on its simple interface.

reddit shell- browse reddit via command line

The screenshot above shows the interface of this service and latest posts of Reddit browsed by me. It’s a fantastic service and I like it a lot.

Earlier, I have also covered a similar service for SoundCloud, named

Browser Reddit in a Command Line Interface using This Free reddit shell Service:

Here is homepage link of reddit shell. When you open the interface of this service, it will show the list of commands associated with doing different things on Reddit.

You can use any command easily even if you are not a pro. Simply type the command, and results related to that command will come in front of you. For example, to view the latest posts for a particular subreddit, the command is: list [subreddit name].

execute a command

If you want to turn on the images, enter the command settings images [on]. To access a particular post on Reddit or the source location of an image, you can just click on the title of the post.

images displayed on its interface

You can use this service without logging to your Reddit account. However, there is also a command to login to your account and browse Reddit.


For me, it was a nice experience to use Reddit in a command line interface. I felt like I am a pro to execute commands correctly and browsing Reddit using commands was really amazing. You should definitely try it.

reddit shell homepage.

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