Airbnb for Storage: Find Storage for Stuff in Your area, Hosted by People

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Stowshare is a free online website where you can find available storage or parking near your area. Consider this website as Airbnb for physical storage to store your stuff. On this website, you can find listings like Craigslist or Airbnb with photos and proper address. You can then contact the owner of the place and then take further steps to get that storage to store whatever goods or things you want to store. Here you can also create your own listings and publish them on the website. To find the available listings, you can use some filters and also read reviews on them posted by others. And of course, you can also post reviews too.

There are many other websites which you can use for the same purpose. But Stowshare here a dedicated website to find a physical storage available near your area. And it covers  worldwide locations to find available storages. However, this website is very new and does not have very large amount of database for now. But as new user will start increasing on it, it will have more listings and the search result will return more data. This website here is very simple and straight forward with no hidden cost or contract. Just find the storage and contact the owner right away.

How to Find Storage for Stuff in Your area, Hosted by People?

To get started with Stowshare, you just have to sign up for a free account on its homepage here. After that, you can just start using the search tool to find the empty place near you. Go through all the details and if it matches your needs then you can contact the owner of the place. This is as simple as that.

Stowshare find listing

Another thing that you can do on the website is post your own listing. For that just go to the “List your Space” section and then  start submitting the details about the kind of storage you have. Provide all the necessary details with multiple photos from different angles. Fill out the description with all the details that a customer needs. Finally, publish the listing and should start showing up in the search results. You can see in the following screenshots.

Stowshare create listing 1

Stowshare create listing 2

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful website to find storage near you to store your stuff. Whatever the stuff you want to store, this website will work for you. Like Airbnb, when you search for a spot near you, you will see all the photos of the place and option to contact the owner. After you are satisfied with the location and view of the physical storage, then you are free to do whatever you want. Not only for storing stuff but you can also use this website to find parking slots near your city or town.

Final words:

You will not find so many free website to find physical storage in your area on traditional websites. On websites like Craigslist, you may have to deal with the hidden costs sometimes. But here this website culls all that as there is no contract or hidden fees. The process is very much smooth  and you just have to find the correct listing according to your needs. After that, just contact the owner. I liked the simplicity of the website and you will too when you use it.

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