Guess the Celebrity in The Picture: Riddle Me Celeb iPhone App

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Riddle Me Celeb is a fun app for your iPhone. You can say it is riddle app as you have to guess the name of the celebrity whose image would be shown to you. But the image is not a regular image, it would be a close up image of the eyes, nose and mouth with or without a little disorientation in the image. The app shows you a close up photo of a celebrity with some jumbled up words below the image. Now you have to guess the name of the celebrity by looking at the image.

Fill in the name in the boxes that are given below the image by selecting letters from down below. If you guessed right you’ll get points for it. If you guessed wrong the name you filled in will turn Red to indicate that your answer is wrong.

riddle me celeb question

Let’s quickly check out how this app work:

riddle me celeb home

After installing this app, when you open it for the first time you will see the home screen with the first level marked in it center of the screen. The 0/6 on the level represents the number of celebrities you would have to guess correctly to proceed to the next level. You can only access the next level once you clear the previous one.

The app supports ads, therefore you’ll see a ad on the bottom of your screen. Apart from this you will see blue diamonds on the top right corner of your screen. These diamonds are earned each time you guess a celebrity correctly. You also get a daily bonus, as well as certain number of diamonds when you start with the game. You also have the option to buy more diamonds if you need more.

These diamonds will help you when you are stuck and are not being able to guess the celebrity. At the bottom right of the screen you will see a bomb icon which will help you by removing some letters from the letters given to guess the celebrity name. This option charges you 100 blue diamonds. The icon with a light bulb in it will show letters in the celebrity name to make it easy for you to guess. This option charges you 250 blue diamonds. The third icon with two arrows in it is just for jumbling up the given letters.

riddle me celeb answer

Sharing this app with your friends on Facebook would earn you extra 250 blue diamonds. The upwards arrow icon on the top left hand side of your screen will take you back to the level screen showing you how many questions are there in the level. The once you have answered have a green done mark on them. The once which have not been answered yet show a lock on them.

I found this riddle app fun. It was fun to guess the name of celebrities whose pictures were just a close up of their faces. So if you are a movie buff and enjoy trivia related to movies and celebrities then you would love this app.

Go ahead and try Riddle Me Celeb free.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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