5 Free Zombie Apps For iPhone

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This article is about 5 free zombie apps for iPhone. Using any of these apps, you can easily convert yourself or any of your friend to zombie in a matter of seconds.

As we all know that zombies have become quite popular in recent times and there are numerous movies, serials being made and books being written on them. Many of us also think that how would we will appear if we become a zombie. If you also thinks the same or you want to try something unique, then continue to read this article to know about 5 free zombie apps for iPhone.

1. ZombieBooth 2:

 ZombieBooth 2

I am starting this article for zombie apps from ZombieBooth 2. It is my favorite zombie app so far. This app can convert any body to a zombie by using his photo. The best part of the app is that the zombie created by this app are in 3D. It means if you will convert anyone to zombie, then you can also see him making movements within the app. It gives you a feel like that there is a zombie in reality. The app comes with various zombie parts and combinations which you can use to make your zombie look even more scary.

Get the ZombieBooth 2 app from here.

2. Zombie My Face Pro:

Zombie My Face Pro

The second addition to the list of zombie apps is Zombie My Face Pro app. The app lets you to use your existing photos for converting them to zombie. You can choose various zombie masks, effects, and eyes for applying them to your photo. The app lets you set the opacity and rotation angle for each of the effects, masks, and eyes individually.

Get the Zombie My Face Pro from here.

3. Zombie Booth Lite HD:

Zombie Booth LITE HD

The third app that you may want to use is Zombie Booth Lite HD. This app is quite easy to use among the other zombie apps for iPhone. You just need to click or upload the photo. Select the zombie effect and set the transparency for the photo and you are done.

Get the Zombie Booth Lite HD from here.

4. ZombieFaced:


The fourth app in the list is ZombieFaced. You can choose the photo either by uploading an existing one or by clicking a new one. This app includes various zombie masks. You just need to adjust the mask depending on the photo you are using for converting to zombie without worrying about adjusting each of the zombie parts.

Get the ZombieFaced from here.

5. Zombie Builder HD Lite:

Zombie Builder HD Lite

The final app in the zombie apps list is Zombie Builder HD Lite. This app lets you add various zombie parts to any photo. You can add scary eyes, scar marks, ears, zombie teeth etc. The app lets you share the zombie created by you via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and email.

Get the Zombie Builder HD Lite here.

Now, its time for me to conclude my list of 5 free zombie apps for iPhone. Try out these apps to create zombies of yourself or your friends and make them scared.

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