5 Free TV Guide Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free TV guide apps for iPhone which let you track the schedule for any particular TV show or channel. You can also set up reminders for your favorite shows so that you never miss any episode of them.

We all love TV Shows, no matter it’s a Drama, sports, politics, reality shows, or even a weird show. But very often it happens that we miss out on our favorite TV shows either due to extra work load or due to other commitments. Sometimes, it also happens that we don’t even know the exact timing of our favorite shows due to sudden change in the timings. But with the use of any of the apps mentioned by me, you can keep all such worries aside and relax.

Note: To manage and keep a record of your favorite shows or to set alerts, you need to register with the particular app.

1. TV Guide Mobile:

TV Guide Mobile

The first TV guide app for iPhone is TV Guide Mobile. You can get the TV guide for your location by providing your zip code followed by the network provider. The app supports 3 providers: Cable, Satellite, and Antenna. The app provides TV guide for United States and a few other international countries as well. You can check the name of your country from the Settings. You can get the exact TV guide for your location by providing date and time. You can also tap on any channel’s name to get full TV guide related to that TV channel only. You can set alert for any show and also add them to your Watchlist.

The app has following sections: Listings, Watchlist, Tonight, Sports, Videos, Photos, and News. The Videos are not streamed within the app, you need to purchase them from iTunes to watch them.

Get TV Guide Mobile here.

2. i.TV:


The second app for getting the TV guide on iPhone is i.TV. This app lets you find the TV guide either by all channels or by filtering them as: Favorites, Movies, HD, Health & Wellness, Reality & Game Shows, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and many more categories. You can also specify the time and date to get better results. The app has a section called Feed where you can get all the updates about TV shows, actors, etc. Besides this app lets you check the Most Favorite Channels, My Favorites, Emmy Winners, Oscar Winners, Staff Picks, New Tonight, and My Alerts.

Get i.TV here.

3. Yap TV:

Yap TV

Yap TV is the next TV guide app in the list for iPhone. The app has 7 main categories: TV Feed, Favorites, Just For You, New on TV, Top Shows, Genres, and Schedule. You can choose from the following genres: Comedy, Drama, Family, Non-fiction, Reality, and Sci-Fi. Besides the normal features of the TV guide apps, the real magic of the app becomes visible when you sync it with your Facebook account. After the syncing, you can check the All Favorite shows of your Facebook friends, check the common favorites, and even chat with them from within the app. You can get the show timings for 7 days with time slot specified as: Late Night, Primetime, Afternoon, Morning or On Now.

For selecting the provider, the app supports four regions of US: Eastern US, Central US, Mountain US, and Pacific US.

Get Yap TV here.

4. zeebox:


To use the zeebox TV guide app for iPhone, you fist need to select the genres of the TV shows and follow at least one of your TV shows. The app forces you to follow at least one TV show because it has a section called Feed where they display all the latest info about the show followed by you. You can like, comment, and share the feeds as well. The app lets you follow other users as well as join TV show specific rooms. You can chat with other room joiners about the TV shows. You can even create your own rooms of your favorite shows. As far as TV guide is concerned, you can filter the guide by time, channels, and genres.

Get zeebox here.

5. TV Listings by TV24:

TV Listings by TV24

The final TV guide in this list is TV Listings by TV24. It is a simple TV guide where you can check the show timings by simply providing the time and channel name or even show name. You can also get the show timings specific to a particular genre: Movies, Sports, Series, Reality, Entertainment, Documentary, and Kids. The app even lets you add or delete the channels from the TV guide list so that you receive schedule only for those channels which you love to watch.

Get TV Listings by TV24 here.

Here, I conclude my list of 5 free TV guide apps for iPhone which let you track your favorite TV shows and channels. Now, you don’t need to worry about missing the latest episode of your favorite TV shows or the shows which are either going to start or have started recently. Just try out these apps and let me know the one which impressed you the most.

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