Free Windows 10 World Map Apps to Learn About Continents, Countries

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When we were kids we used to have these World Atlas which had maps of all the continents and the countries. I remember being fascinated by how many countries there are and so far apart. The Atlas was a knowledge mine as well as something fun to look at. But we are in the digital age now and everything can be found online. Similarly, you will find World map apps on the Windows 10 store as well. You will find these Atlas apps with different names and there are even games which you can play.

But for kids the best way to learn about the world is through maps, so they can see and know where a country is located. This will improve their geographical knowledge and help them in their studies as well. So we searched for some world map apps in the Windows 10 store and found lots of them with different features. But most of the apps with maps are for navigation and route finding. So we searched some more and compiled this list of free Windows 10 World Map apps to learn about continents and countries. Let’s look at these apps below.


Atlas is a nice educational app for kids to learn about the world map. The interface of the app can be see in the screenshot above. The home page has a tiled list of all the 7 continents of the world. You can click on a continent to explore the countries in it. When you click on a continent tile, it will open in a full page view. The continents map will have all the countries listed on it. The page will also have a lot of information about the continent and its countries.

The screenshot of the continent page can be seen above. The details you will find on this page would be like geography, climate, demographics, languages, religions, list of countries, population, area, timezone, etc. You can read all the info given on the page to know more about this continent and the countries in it. Then go back to the main page and select another continent to read about it. That is all that this app allows you to do.

World Atlas & Quiz MxGeo Free

World Atlas & Quiz is a nice app to explore the world map. The app has lots of sections in it and offers lots of information about various countries. The screenshot of the home page of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. There is also a quiz section in the app where you can test out your knowledge about the world map. You can compare the data of two countries under the compare section, see time in various parts of the world through world clock, see maps of countries and continents.

The map of the world can be seen in the screenshot above. You can locate various countries on it. The top left side of the app will have a menu option, when you expand it you will see the same menu as the one you saw on the home page of the app. From this menu you can visit the countries page, see the world map, open the world explorer page, go to the compare page, check out the world clock page, etc. The quiz section has quizzes about different regions, capitals, flags, globe, etc. There is a high score option where you can go and check out your high scores.

World Countries Factbook

World Counties Factbook is a nice app to know about the countries in the world. You will be shown a world map and all the countries are marked on it using a flag of that country. The home page of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. Flags for all the countries of the world are marked on their locations. There is a map which is seen in the background as well, for some reason the map didn’t show up on my app window. But be sure that the maps are present at the location of the country being represented by them. You can zoom in or out on the world map. You can change the view to Aerial, road, or Birds eye view.

You can click on any flag of your choice to read more about that country, as can be seen in the screenshot above. In the pop up window of the country you will get a introduction of the country, info about its geography, people, government, economy, transportation, military, etc. You can read all these things in detail. So you can read about each and every country in detail through this app.


These are some apps which let you go through a map of the world. You can learn about geographical location of a country, and much more. The apps can prove to be a great resource of learning for kids. Check these apps out.

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