5 Free Windows 10 Kids Piano Apps

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This article covers 5 free Windows 10 piano apps for kids which will help kids to learn and play piano. Getting kids to play around with piano at an early age will help you understand their interest in music and you will be able to see how keen they are to learn music. So you can start with apps to see if kids like it. They can play around with the piano apps and explore how piano is played. At the same time they can also learn playing the piano. Most of the apps for kids will have colorful keys, so they attract kids and kids show interest in the app as well.

All the apps mentioned are free to download from the Windows 10 store. Let’s look at these free Windows 10 piano apps for kids below.

Kids Piano

Kids Piano is a free Windows 10 kids piano app. The app has colorful keys to attract kids. The app also has a full keyboard of a piano and also shows the notes that you are playing. You can see the app interface in the screenshot above. The full keyboard can be accessed using the arrow keys at the end of the keyboard. You can also play two keyboards together, for this you have to click the two keyboard icon given at the top right corner. As soon as you click it another keyboard will appear on top of this one. In single keyboard mode you will have notes being displayed in the area above the keyboard. Above the notes there are button for increasing or decreasing volume. Apart from that there are three button to change instruments from Piano to guitar to trumpet. So you can learn three instruments in one. You also have preset songs in the app which can be played by selecting them from the drop down menu above. Kids can learn these preset songs by seeing them being played and then following them.

Mini Piano

Mini Piano is a free kids piano app. The app can be used by both kids and adults. The interface of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. Some features of the app are locked and are available with the paid version only. The app features a full keyboard with 88 keys. You can record and song that you are playing by clicking the record button. After you have recorded, you can save the recording in the app itself, in one of the many slots available. After saving it you can listen back to it, to realize what all mistakes you made. You also have the option to choose different instruments. In the free version you only get grand piano and harp. Whereas in the paid version you will also get electric guitar, accordian, electric piano, drum kit, clarinet, cello, etc. The songs option is also available with the paid version of the app. In the free version you will have 3 free songs which you can play on the keyboard and learn from them.

My Piano Phone

My Piano Phone is a free kids piano app which will work well for adults as well. The app is called piano phone as it works quite well on your phone as well. You can see the screenshot of this app in the screenshot above. You can play using the keyboard given on screen, this app also offers you a full keyboard. The top of the app screen will have a tool bar which let’s you change instruments from piano to guitar, trumpet, violin, electric piano, etc. You can also select one of the preset songs to play and learn along with them. The settings option will let you have two keyboard on the screen at the same time or even a mirror image of the keyboards. You can also change the key labels and speed from the settings option.

Calvier Piano Keyboard

Clavier Piano Keyboard is a free piano app for kids as well as for adults. If you think this app has a very different name, then this is because Clavier means keyboard of a musical instrument. The app keyboard can be seen in the screenshot above, which is a full keyboard with 88 keys in it. The plus and minus button at the top left are for increasing or decreasing the volume of the app. You can switch between two keyboard and single keyboard mode. You can learn a couple of songs on the keyboard and teach the same to kids. The layout of the keyboard is simple and you can learn and teach kids using this app.

Flat Piano

Flat Piano is a free kids piano app for Windows 10. The app has a very simple interface and keyboard. It is aimed at really young kids so that they can explore the keyboard and its sounds. The interface of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. The app will keep kids busy and will let them explore music and they will also enjoy learning at the same time. The app says its suitable for kids between 9-36 months. The app has basic Do, Re, Mi, etc. keys on it and can be learned to make basic music.


These are the 5 free Windows 10 piano apps for kids. These can be used by kids to explore and learn music. Some of the apps can also be used by adults as well because of the full piano keyboard that they offer. The one which I liked the most was the first app Kids Piano, because of its colorful keys which will attract kids a lot. So check these apps out and see which ones your kids like the most.

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