4 Free RSS to Email services to Get RSS feed updates emailed to you

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This article lists some best free RSS to email services to get RSS feed updates emailed to you. Here these services take your subscriptions and will check them periodically and will push an email update. With these, you can easily get all your feed updates right into your email inbox in the specified manner. You can either opt to receive daily digest of all your subscriptions or you can opt for real time updates. In real time updates, you will receive emails as soon as an update is available in your feed.

If you use RSS feed readers to read feeds from your favorite sites and blogs then problem with that is you will only get feeds when you are around your PC. But in cases, you want to keep RSS feed updates with you wherever you go, you can use the following services. With these, you will have all your feed updates in your mailbox and you will receive them on the specified schedule. And when you no longer want to receive updates then you can easily stop them as well.

RSS to email services in action

4 Free RSS to Email services:


Blogtrottr rss to email service

Blogtrottr is one of the best free RSS to email services you can use right now. Here in the free tier, there is no limit on number of subscriptions for you to add but it leaves ads in the email that it sends you. You can opt to receive text based or HTML based emails here. And the best part is that you can either get emails for each subscription or a single digest daily. You just add the subscriptions on the website here and then you will get email alerts as per your specified parameters.

Just go to the main website and then simply create a free account. After reaching the main web UI of the service, you simply start adding the subscriptions. Do note that here you can even import your subscriptions from OPML too. After all set and you have imported your subscriptions, you can simply sit back and relax. It will keep sending you email as soon as a new update is available in any feed you have added there. According to my opinion, you should go for the single digest option because a new mail for every update will flood your inbox.


Feedrabbit free rss to email servcie in action

Feedrabbit is another service that you can use for getting RSS feed updates in your email inbox. In its free plan, it only lets you add 10 subscriptions and you can use one email address only. Just like the service above, here it lets you easily setup email alerts for new RSS entry in the feed. Also, in the free plan it can only send 20 emails per day at max. Here it allows you to receive updates in real time or simply receive a single digest daily. It offers you a simple interface where you can configure it to send email alerts for new feed updates.

Sign up for the free account of the Feedrabbit and then simply start adding your subscriptions. While configuring the subscription, you simply specify the email schedule and then simply save all the changes. The interface is simple and you can easily add your subscriptions there and save the changes. After that, you just wait for the new feed and it will immediately email you with all the updates. You can see Feedrabbit in action in the screenshot I have added above.


IFTTT rss email notifications

IFTTT is an automation service and stands for If This Then That. It allows you to configure various automation tasks to get things done. And one of those automations that it supports is RSS to email applet. Here you have to give it an RSS feed of your favorite website and an email address. Whenever a new update is available in that feed, it will trigger an email and you can see new entry in RSS right in your email inbox.

This is a dead simple tool that you can use as an RSS to email service. It works perfectly but the problem with it is that this method only works with one feed. And if you want to get updates from multiple feeds then you will have to configure multiple applets in the IFTTT interface. The configuration only takes a few clicks and you can easily do that and you can also turn it off anytime you want.

IFTTT rss to email applet

If you don’t have an account then create one on the IFTTT web UI and then simply get started with the configuration part. Follow the above link or simply search the “RSS to email” template. Next just activate it and then simply enter the feed URL of websites URL whose feed you want it to monitor. Activate the applet and then save changes. Now, whenever an update is available in the feed, you will get an email.


feed2email.net in action

feed2email is the simplest tool in this list that you can use to get RSS feed updates right into your mailbox. This is the simplest online service in this list which you can use to get RSS feed updates by adding your subscriptions. It comes with a minimal interface where you just enter email address and specify a feed URL. After you confirm your email address, it will start sending you email alerts. However, I think here you can only add single subscriptions.

There is no need to sign up for the service. You just reach the homepage of the tool and then enter the email address along with the RSS feed URL. Next, it will send you confirmation and email and after you verify that, you will start receiving the email alerts. You can see it in action in the screenshot I have added above.

Final thoughts

These are the best free RSS to email services that I think are good for RSS lovers. With these, you will not have to rely on RSS readers and RSS apps to read new updates from your favorite blogs and websites. You just simply have to add your subscriptions in these services and start receiving emails. Simple as that. Essentially, you can use any services from the list but I will recommend you to go with Blogtrottr and Feedrabbit. You can go with other services too if you want such as IFTTT if you only want to get updates from single source.

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