4 Free Online Keyword Competition Checker Tools

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Here are 4 free online keyword competition checker tools. On these websites, you enter single or multiple keywords and get the corresponding competition result data. In the competition data, you can see the occurrence of the input keyword in URLs, text, title, and in anchors. You can see all this data and then you can opt to export it as well. Most these websites allow you to export the keyword competition data to an Excel file. Also, you can copy-paste the final output data manually as well.

While doing keyword research, we mainly go for the search volume and CPC. But there is one important factor as well that you have to consider if you are aiming for first page ranking and that is “Keyword Competition”. Keyword competition tells you how difficult it will be to rank in SERP by analyzing the bids by advertisers on a keyword relative to all the keywords on Google. In keyword planner you can see the competition column that indicates the competition level on a keyword is low or high. But the tools here will tell you more

Online Keyword Competition Checker Websites

4 Free Online Keyword Competition Checker Tools:

Bulk Allintitle Competition Checker

Bulk Allintitle Competition Checker

Bulk Allintitle Competition Checker is one of the best free tool that you can try to check keyword competition easily. It takes a list of keywords from you and then show you the keyword competition data. In the output, it generally shows the parameters like broad, exact, Allintitle, Allinurl, AllInAnchor, and AllInText like details. You can see how many times the input keyword occurs on web and then you can save the report that it generates. It allows you to export the list of keywords with competition data to an Excel file easily. And you can use the tool anytime you want as there’s no restriction on the number of times you can use this tool.

To use this website for checking keyword competition, simply go to its homepage. After that, enter your keywords by separating them with a new line and then hit the Submit button. It will take some time to process the list of your keywords and then will show you the result. After getting the result, you can analyze it and then finally save it on your PC. The website allows you to export the keyword competition data to an Excel file.

Keyword Competition Checker

keyword competition checker small seo tools

Keyword Competition Checker website lets you query the keyword competition data for a single keyword. Here you cannot input the list of keywords to get the competition data. In the result, it shows the theĀ broad, exact, Allintitle, Allinurl, AllInAnchor, and AllInText like parameters that you can analyze. The tool is very simple. You just have to enter the desired keyword and get the competition quickly. And apart from keyword competition checker, the website also offers other tools as well that you can use. You can use other tools like QR code generator, URL encoder/Decoder, and many more others.

Just visit the websites using the given link and then simply enter the keyword for which you want to see the competition data. After that, hit the Submit button and then it will show you all the data related to the keyword competition. Analyze the data it shows and then do whatever you want.


ubersuggest free keyword competition checker

Ubersuggest is one of the most popular Keyword suggestion tools that you can use. It is a very good long tail keywords finder that you can use with ease. It can generate the keyword ideas after getting a main input keyword from you. And for the specific keyword, you can see the data like search volume, CPC, and of course the competition level. However, here this tool can only tell you the overall competition level. You cannot see the other details of the keyword competition here. But one advantage here is that you can explore the list of related keywords and see their completion rate as well. While using this tool, you will not have to look for the alternate keywords manually.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool and you can directly access it using the above link. After reaching the main page, enter the main keyword for which you want to see the completion rate. After that, submit the keyword and it will show you the result. You can analyze the result and then see the competition rate of other related keywords as well. See the above screenshot.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere keyword competition

Keywords Everywhere is basically a browser extension that you can use to explore keywords for SEO research. It gets integrated directly in Google Search and shows the data like search volume, competition, etc. And the best part is that you can use it to get the keyword data in bulk including the competition data. However, just like the tool Ubersuggest above, you can only see the overall competition rate. And not just that. But this browser plugin is powerful enough to show you the other keyword data from any country and even lets you export that. If you just want to analyze the overall completion rate for a list of desired keywords then it can be a useful tool.

You can install this extension for your browser using the above link. And to make it work, you will have to sign up for a free API key. After getting the key, you can start using it. To use it for bulk exploring keywords, simply click on its icon and then use “Bulk upload keywords” option. After that, paste the list of keywords on its interface and hit “Get Metrics” button. It will get you the keyword data including the competition stats. You can see the competition rate corresponding to each keyword in the dedicated “Competition” column.

See detailed post about Keywords Everywhere here

Final words

These are the best free online keyword competition checker tools that you can use. Use them to easily check the competition rate of specific or for a list of keywords pretty easily. Some of these tools let you get the competition data about the multiple keywords in bulk and you can even export that to a file easily. So, if you are looking for some free tools to check the keyword competition, then you can use any tool from the above list.

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