Top Free Exponential Equation Calculator Websites

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Here are 5 Top Free Exponential Equation Calculator Websites. With these online calculators, you can find the solutions of exponential equations instantly.

The process of finding the solution is easy, all you have to do is enter your equation and these calculators will calculate the answer for you. All these exponential equation calculators have some sort of limitations though. Some are limited to nature of exponential equations (support linear exponential equations only, not quadratic) and some only support a few functions.

Although these online calculators are free to use, you need a premium membership to access some features. These features include: step by step solution, graphical representation of equation, etc.

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Here Are 5 Free Websites With Exponential Equation Calculator: exponential equation calculator offers various online calculation tools for educational and professional purposes. Exponential Function Calculator is one of these tools that helps you solve exponential equations online. To do so, first, select the exponential function from the function drop-down. After that, enter the value of x and click ‘Execute‘ to get the solution. It will show you the value of selected function for the given value of x.

This exponential function calculator is limited to three functions: e^x, 10^x, and a^x.

You can try  Exponential Equation Calculator here. exponential equation calculator is another website which offers various computational tools in various fields. It has lots of mathematical tools to help you out with mathematical problems. With its ‘Solving Exponential Equations‘ tool, you can easily find the solution for any exponential equation with numerical bases.

To do that, enter the numerical bases and their algebraic exponents in the input boxes and click ‘Submit‘. This will show you the answer for your exponential equation in a new pop-up window. It gives you an option to get the answer either in exact form or in decimal form. And, with Wolfram Alpha Pro membership, you can also get step by step solution for your exponential equation.

Try this  Exponential Equation Calculator here. exponential equation calculator

MathPapa is an online calculator to help you out with Algebra. Its Algebra Calculator solves exponential equations easily and gives you step by step solution with instructions for first three problems. Just enter your exponential equation in the input box and click ‘Calculate It‘ to get the step by step solution.

Just like Wolfram Alpha, you can get step by step solution for every equation by subscribing to one of their premium plans.

Solve exponential equations with‘s  Exponential Equation Calculator here. exponential equation calculator is a website designed to help people with mathematical problems. Under its Trigonometry section, it offers an Exponential Equation Calculator where you can easily calculate the solution for your exponential equation.

This calculator has a unique interface for today’s young generation inspired by conversion view. Enter your exponential equation and hit the send icon. It will reply you back with the answer. Just like other calculators on this list, to get step by step solutions along with detailed explanation, you will need a premium subscription to MathWay.

Give this Exponential Equation Calculator a try here. exponential equation calculator is another website that offers various online tools to help you out with almost any type of mathematical problem and calculation. With its Exponential Equation Calculator, you can easily solve exponential equations here. Simply enter your exponential equations and click ‘Go‘ to get the answer. It shows you a graphical representation of your equation as well. Here, you can also download your answer as a PDF file to your computer.

If you have a different answer for an equation, you can also verify your answer here. Just like MathPapa, you can see the step by step solution for first three problems. After that, it asks to upgrade your account to premium to get solution steps.

You can try this Exponential Equation Calculator here.

Closing Words:

All of these Exponential Equation Calculator websites are easy to use. All these calculators are pretty similar in terms of usability and functionality. During my testing, I like Symbolab the most. The reason behind that is its neat and clean interface along with option to download solution as PDF.

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