WhatsApp Bulk Messaging App to Send Personalized Mass Messages on Android

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Here is a WhatsApp bulk messaging app to send personalized mass messages on Android. Generally, when you send a common message to your WhatsApp contacts, you either copy-paste the message or forward it to 5 contacts maximum. Yet you have to edit the text before sending it to multiple contacts. But using WhatsBlast app, you can send a common message in bulk without editing the name. And the receivers will get the message separately.

This saves your time and above all, you can send messages at once to more than 5 contacts. After installing the app, you can create a group of the people who are supposed to receive the message. Then, you can send mass messages to the group with selected contacts. This surely makes you think that in a group we can send the message at once. But the app sends the message to the individual chat (not in the group).

Send personalized mass messages to WhatsApp contacts

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WhatsApp Bulk Messaging App to Send Personalized Mass Messages

To send mass WhatsApp messages, you can use the app named WhatsBlast Bulk Messaging. It is an Android app which seems similar to WhatsApp messaging app.

The app does not require any registration or sign-ups. Once the app is installed and launched, you will see the homepage as I have shown below.

type message and select contacts

Here, you can simply type a common message which you want to send multiple contacts at once. You can add variables to your messages such as Firstname and Lastname.

Secondly, you need to select the contacts from your phone contact list. And for this, you need to create a group. You can tap on Create Contact Group and start selecting numbers from your contact list and come back to the main page.

Lastly, you are required to enter the Local country code. Thereafter, you can tap on the Preview & Send button. After reviewing the messages, you can send your common messages to each contact.

You have to make sure that your WhatsApp app is not running in the background. And if it runs, you can remove it. Then, you will notice that WhatsBlast will open your WhatsApp chat (of selected contacts) with the prefilled text.

At this point, you need to manually send the message to your selected contacts. So here, you just simply send a message and press back button. Then, the remaining prefilled message will appear automatically for the remaining chats.

In its free plan, you can only create one group to send messages in bulk. But you can edit the contact list any time.

In brief

I loved WhatsBlast app as I found it helpful in terms of sending messages in bulk. Using the app, you can save your time. It is pretty easy to send mass WhatsApp messages with this app. Also, you can add name tags like first name and last name. The preview feature will prevent you avoid mistakes. Each receiver will get the text from your WhatsApp account.

Send mass WhatsApp messages.

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