Generate Blog titles, Captions, Ad Description via Simplified AI Writer Free

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Simplified AI Writer is a free online tool for content generation which you can use. It comes with a lot of AI copy generator tools that you will like. Using those AI content generation tools, you can generate text for a lot of tools and make your life easier. This is like some AI tools that we have covered before, such as ad description generator, email subject line generator. Those tools were separate tools, but this one here more powerful as it has a whole collection for that.

There is a long list of tools that it gives you and I am sure you will like them. You only need to create a free account on the main website and then simply any of the tools mentioned here. In the free version, you get 30+ AI copy-writing templates and 1 GB storage for the workspace. In addition there is a limit of 5000 words on the long article generator. Here you can see the list of some really useful tools that you will get.

  • Blog ideas+title generator
  • Blog outline generator
  • Instagram post caption generator
  • Google Ads description generator
  • Facebook ad text generator.
  • Hashtag generator
  • 1 liner description generator
  • Sentence expander
  • Subheading generator
  • Description for Amazon product listings
  • Explaining a concept by summarizing it, so a child could understand it

These are some of the tools that you get after you sign up. All the tools has a description and in case you don’t understand it, just see the options and then you will get to know what it does. There are some premium AI copy generators as well with starts. You can also use them for 7 days as part of trial after signing up.

Generate Blog titles, Captions, Ad Description via Simplified AI Writer

How to Generate Blog titles, Captions, Ad Description via Simplified AI Writer Free?

After you have signed up for a free account on the main Simplified website, you just need to go to the AI Assistant section. From there, you go to the Short form Assistant.

AI Assistant Simplified

Now, it will display all the tools that it has to offer. As I mentioned earlier that some premium tools are unlocked here as well because you get 7 days trial when you sign up. So, keep this in mind, as they will not be accessible once your trial ends.

Simplified Generator Tools

Use any tool that you like by opening it from the list. For example, in the Instagram post generator, you just specify what your post is about. It will then generate the relevant caption for you that you can just copy and use them in your posts.

Simplified Captions Generator

Similarly you can use other tools such as Google Ads description generator. Just enter some details about the company or organization for which you want to run ads. It will generate the ad description for you that will need minimum tweaking.

Simplified Ads Generator

Similarly, you can explore other tools that it has to offer. Just use them and generate text content like a pro. It hardly takes few seconds to generate a marketing copy. The free plan will be enough if you are a small agency. But if you require more, then you can always subscribe to the paid plan.

Final thoughts:

If you often spend a lot of time in coming with a cold email or blog title or opening line, then Simplified AI Writer will help you. If you want, then you can use it t write whole novels. All the tools that it offers are great. You just try them out and let me know what you think about them.

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