5 Free Software to Find Duplicate MP3 Files

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Here is a list of 5 free software to find duplicate mp3 files in your PC. These software scan your entire PC and show duplicate MP3 files. These software use different methods for finding duplicate MP3 files, like, based on file content, based on file properties (ID3 Tags), or simply based on filename. So, you can choose which search method you want to use to find dupes.

These software will let you clean extra disk space that is being occupied by duplicate mp3 files. Having not much free space on disk results in decreased overall performance of any PC. So, to overcome this problem, today I am going to introduce 5 different freeware that will let you find and remove duplicate mp3 files from your PC by comparing their file properties as well as internal contents by various methods.

There are many free duplicate file finders available on internet that let you locate and remove duplicate files. But the freeware mentioned in this list are specially good at finding duplicate MP3 files.

My Favorite Duplicate Mp3 Finder:DupeGuru Music Edition

DupeGuru Music Edition is my favorite freeware that only focuses on finding duplicate mp3 files. It allows you to locate duplicate mp3 files in your PC by various methods including, content matching, comparing file name and mp3 tags such as Artist, Album, Title and Year. In Tags compare mode it lets you choose which tags to compare and which to ignore during comparison.

DupeGuru GUI and Working

Its user interface is very simple just add/drag the source folder to the list, specify your preferences and finally hit the Scan button. It will start searching and when finished, it popups the result window with duplicated files.

A very noticeable feature of DopeGuru that excites me more is that it organizes the resulted duplicate files with their full stats by showing size of mp3 files, length of the track, bit rate and matching percent.


AllDup is a freeware to find and remove duplicate files that are occupying unnecessary space in your hard drive. You can search for duplicate mp3 files in two ways. Either you can search files by comparing file properties like name, size, extension, last modified date, last create date or you can search via content matching.

AllDup lets you customize content matching methods also. You can choose any compare method from the drop down list. It gives you variety of methods including byte by byte and different hash methods like, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, etc. You can opt to ignore ID3 tags of the mp3 files, you can opt to start comparison from the end of the file and you can customize the block size of the data that will be used to fetch audio contents from the mp3 file.


AllDup shows the result in groups, and provides you a mp3 player to play and test duplicate mp3s before deleting them. In above snapshot AllDup is showing the duplicate files in a tree structure like grouping and a mp3 player at the right side.

After search you can choose to do various operations on the duplicated files. You can move, rename, and delete the selected files.

Duplicate Filter

Duplicate Filter is another duplicate mp3 finder for Windows. Duplicate Filter lets you set Compare Mode in which you can search duplicate mp3 files using various methods such as, name, size, mp3 tags and CRC. You can also instruct it to only look for the files of specified types to save your time.

It has a very simple user interface. All you have to do is provide the path of the source folder and it will start searching. You can see the log of operations during execution of the search.

Duplicate Filter one of 5 Free Software to Find Duplicate MP3 Files

The best thing about Duplicate Filter is that it shows you the graphical comparison of the duplicate files to help you analyze what should be done with them. It also allows you to delete those files in a batch with option to delete permanently or move to Recycle Bin.

Duplicate filter search results

Apart from searching and deleting mp3 files, Duplicate Filter works for all kinds of files including images, videos, documents, and compressed files. It offers following features:

  • Lets you search specific file type for similarity check.
  • You can compare two different files by CRC check to examine the similarity between them.
  • It lets you deal with the duplicated files of any type. You can move, rename or delete the duplicated files separately or in a batch.
  • It provides you folder size explorer tool, that shows you which folders in your hard drive are occupying how much space.

Anti Twin

Anti Twin is a free and very lightweight software that can search for duplicate mp3 files either by comparing their content byte by byte or analyzing names and size of mp3 files in specified directory. In compare names method it gives you two choices, you can instruct it to compare files having different extensions or the files those are identical in size.

The best thing about this freeware is that it allows you to find duplicate music files in your external hard drives and even in shared network drives. You can compare two different folders of the same PC or another PC that is available in your network. However, file comparison between the networks folders is fully dependent on internet speed and traffic.

Anti Twin locating duplicated mp3

Its a very simple tool to find duplicate mp3 files. To minimize the searching time, you can set filters to exclude other types of files except the ones having mp3 extension.

Duplicate Music Files Finder

Its the last Duplicate mp3 files finder in my list. It is also meant for only finding duplicate music files of types .aac, .asf, .ape, .mpc, .mp1, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4 and many others. It’s comparison is mainly based on file properties (name, size), CRC, and audio tags matching.

Duplicate music files finder lets you search mp3 files with advanced options where you can customize comparing method. You can opt or ignore various assets of the mp3 file during search and comparison process as shown in the following snapshot.

duplicate files finder advanced options menu

The best thing I like about Duplicate Files Finder is that, all the functions it performs are in the same window. You just have to specify the source directory and, result that it finds also appears in the same window, as you can see in the following snapshot.

Duplicates file finder

Duplicate Files Finder allows you to select and delete duplicate mp3 files in bulk that are listed in the results window.

My Final verdict

These were some of the best free Duplicate mp3 files finder software I have found so far. If you’re looking for ways to find duplicate music files in your PC, then you can start using any of the software explained in this article.

Personally, my favorite among all these freeware are Duplicate Filter and DopeGuru as they are very simple and compare mp3 files by content with powerful techniques that results in an exact duplicate hit.

Download these software by clicking on their names, I Hope you find them useful.

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