Chrome SEO Tool to analyze on-page SEO, Simulate Multi Location SERP

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SEO Minion is a free Chrome SEO tool to analyze on-page SEO and simulate multi location SERP. This Chrome extension is from the same developer who launched the legendary Keywords Everywhere Chrome plugin. Here it offers some really nice tools that you can use while doing research on a website. Here it offers you an on-page SEO checker, broken links analyzer, internal and external links highlighter, SERP previewer, and Google search location simulator.

You can use any tool of this extension and see in-depth analysis of the current website. And the best part is that all the features and tools are completely free; there are no limitations when you are using this plugin for free.

If you are in digital marketing like profession then you can easily use this plugin for your work. There are no sign ups required to use it. Just head to the website where you want to use the tools it has and then. You can make it highlight all the internal or external links on a page and see their statuses as well. However export features in not there currently. You can just see the different stats about different websites and analyze them.

Chrome SEO Tool to analyze on-page SEO, Simulate Multi Location SERP

Chrome SEO Tool to analyze on-page SEO, Simulate Multi Location SERP:

You can install this extension in Chrome in the same way like you install any other Chrome extension. After installation, just go to any website and then start using it to do different tasks The following are the main tools in this Chrome SEO plugin.

On Page Analyzer and Links Highlighter

Here you can use this tool to perform a full on-page analysis on any web page and get results. In the result, it shows the title of the webpage, use of headings, canonical tags, meta robot, open graph tags, total number of images, images without ALT attribute, number of words and number of characters used. You can analyze all these details about a specific web page. If you want to analyze internal and external links on page and then simply click on the “Highlight All Links” option.

on page analysis and highlight links

Broken Links Checker

To check the broken links on a webpage, just use the “Check Broken Links” option from the interface of the extension. It will first count all the links on current page and then it will start checking their status one by one. The process can take up a few minutes depending on the number of links. And when it finishes, you can see the status of different links on the page. You can see the list of links and then analyze them. However, there is no option to export the list of links to a file.

Broken Links Analyzer SEO Minion

Google Search Location Simulator

A very useful tool in this SEO Minion extension is the Google Search Engine Location Simulator. Here you can use this tool to see Google Search results from different countries. Basically, here it lets you open a split windows. In one half, you can use Google Search from a different country and in the other window, you can use another country to search a specific terms.

Obviously, the results in both panes will be different and you can analyze them. This is helpful in analyzing ranking your websites or products across different countries. And the split windows have synced scrolling so you can analyze each result on the SERP precisely.

Google Search Location Simulator SEO minion

In this way, you can use this simple SEO plugin in your SEO research. There are some other optional features that you can try like SERP Preview tool. You can use that to see the SERP parameters of the current page.

Final thoughts

SEO Minion is really a nice Chrome SEO plugin that you can use along with the Keywords Everywhere extension. If you frequently have to do on-page or broken links analysis of your websites or the websites of your clients then it will be really helpful. In just a few clicks, you can check a lot of parameters of the current web page. So, use it on any website that you want and then tell me what you think about it.

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