Convert AsciiDoc to PDF, HTML, Docbook Free from Command Line

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In this post, I will talk about how to convert AsciiDoc to PDF, HTML, Docbook for free from command line. AsciiDoctor is a free open source tool that lets you do that. It works as a library as well as a command line tool. You can install it on PC using Ruby Gems and the use it anytime you want. After installing it, you can easily use it in your applications and directly from command line. It takes AsciiDoc from you and then you can convert its ASCII text to HTML5. Not only this, but you can use this to convert ADOC to PDF, Dockbook, Latex, and some other formats.

AsciiDoc is similar to the markdown syntax. Here you create the document using various symbols. There is different syntax for creating lists, tables, source code and other sections. But if you want to convert an AsciiDoc to PDF or HTML then this tool will help you. Once you have set up this tool on your PC, you can easily start using it to convert ADOC to other formats. There is a very simple command to convert ADOC files and you can use it as an API as well in your applications.

Convert AsciiDoc to PDF, HTML, Docbook Free from Command Line

Convert AsciiDoc to PDF, HTML, Docbook Free from Command Line:

To use this simple tool to convert ADOC files on your PC, you need to have Ruby installed. After that, you just run the following commands one after another and wait for the process to finish. After that, you can easily start using it.

gem install asciidoctor

gem install asciidoctor-pdf-cjk

install setup asciidoctor

Now, to convert a AsciiDoc file to HTML, just run the following command. It will save the corresponding HTML file in the same directory and with the same name. And if you know about batch files then you can use this tool to convert multiple ADOC files to HTML as well.

asciidoctor test.adoc

AsciiDoctor ADOC to HTML

Now, to convert an ADOC file to PDF, you use the following command. Just like in ADOC to HTML conversion, it will save then corresponding PDF file in the current folder with same name but different file extension. And if you want to convert multiple ADOC files to PDF then you can use the batch files.

asciidoctor-pdf test.adoc

AsciiDoctor ADOC to PDF

In this way, this simple command line tool works to convert ADOC to HTML and PDF. You can read more about this tool on its homepage and then learn about more some of its technical aspects and type of conversions.

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Final words

AsciiDoctor is really nice tool for people who want to convert ADOC files to PDF and other formats. Also, if you want to create some applications that include the ADOC file conversions then this is a very good option. So, if you often work with ADOC files then you may want to give this tool a try.

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