Free Windows 10 Flip Book Maker App with Output as GIF, MP4 File

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Flip Book Maker is a free Windows 10 app to make a flip book easily with the output as GIF or MP4 file format. I’m sure we have all done this as kids, draw something at the corner of a page in your notebooks. The drawings are quite similar, but when you flip the pages of the notebook quickly, the drawings made appear as if they are moving, like an animation. Flip books are quite fun to see and to make.

Flip Book as we all know are a series of drawings which vary from each other only a bit. The drawings are made on different pages and when you flip the pages quickly the drawings seem like a animation is being played. This is what this app does, it lets you create a flip book using a series of drawing which you make using this app.

Download the app from the Windows 10 store and then launch it. When you start the app you will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot below.

You will be asked to specify a canvas size for the flip book that you are creating. After specifying the size click the ok button and the canvas will open on your screen, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

You will have various options to draw on the canvas. Let’s start with the hamburger icon. This one lets you create a new file, or open a existing file. Then the tool bar on your left gives you options to draw like ball pen, highlighter, eraser, copy the current slide, paste from clipboard, zoom in on an area, etc. When you click on the pen tool you will see a pop up window from where you can choose colors, the size of the pen can be selected by moving the slider.

For making a flip book you need to have the same drawing available on the next page as well with only minor changes in it. This is made easy by the plus sign that you see at the bottom of the window. When pressed the plus sign will copy the entire slide to the next one. This will make it easy for you to make your next slide as everything will be copied and you will only have to make minor changes.

The result of the all the slides that you made can be seen at the end. The flip book animation created by us can be seen in the screenshot above. On the right side of the window you will have another toolbar. The first option is to save the slides you created. The second option with a play icon is to play the slides you created as a GIF. The third option is to save your creation as a movie or video file. This option will save your file as mp4 file on your device. Below this save output as movie option you will see a drop down box with playback speeds mentioned on it. You can change the playback speed using this drop down menu.

Features of this Windows 10 Flip book maker app:

  • Create flip books with ease.
  • Open already created flip books.
  • Play the created file as GIF.
  • Save the created file as .mp4.
  • Use tools like pen, eraser, highlighter, etc.
  • Copy the entire slide content to the next slide.
  • Playback speed control options.
  • Zoom in, rotate, the drawings.
  • Delete any frames you want.


Flip Book Maker is a nice flip book creation tool which can be used by anyone easily. The tool has a simple interface, which is easy to understand. So you can let your creative side out and make some creative GIFs to share with your friends.

Check out Flip Book Maker for Windows 10 here.

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