How To Delete Previous Version of Windows Using Settings App In Windows 10

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This tutorial explains how to delete previous version of Windows using Settings app in Windows 10. Previous version(s) of Windows 10 include many files and system settings and their size could be in GBs. So, if you need a simple option to remove previous Windows 10 versions (usually stored in Windows.old folder), then Settings app of Windows 10 is a very good option.

You can access temporary files option available under Settings app and then delete Previous version of Windows. Depending on its size, you will be able to get back few MBs or GBs storage space on your hard drive.

how to delete previous version of windows using settings app

How To Delete Previous Version of Windows Using Settings App In Windows 10?

Step 1: This is a very basic step. Access Start menu and then click Settings icon.

Step 2: When Settings app is opened, you will see different menus there. You have to click on System menu.

click system

Step 3: Under that System menu, you will see “Storage” available on the left sidebar. Select the Storage option and then all the hard drives partitions of your Windows 10 PC will be visible on the right side. Among those partitions, Select Windows drive partition.

click storage and then windows drive

Step 4: Now you will see the Storage space occupied by different items. You will see System & reserved, Desktop, Documents, Apps & games, and other items. From that list, select Temporary files option.

click temporary files

Step 5: Under Temporary files, “Previous version of Windows” option will be visible. You will also be able to see the size of Previous version. Select that option and click Remove files button.

select previous version of windows and then click remove files button

Now all the previous version files and folders will be deleted. It may take some time if the size is in GBs. So, let the deletion process complete.

The Verdict:

There are some third-party tool as well as Disk Cleanup tool available to remove previous version of Windows. But using Settings app for deleting previous version of Windows 10 is a straightforward option. Just a few simple steps and you can delete all the files and folders of previously installed Windows from your Windows 10 PC.

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