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ShareGPT is a free chrome extension that can be used to share your conversations done with ChatGPT with your friends.

Ever since ChatGPT has been introduced, people have started asking witty and crazy questions to this chatbot. Their responses too sometimes get witty and unbelievable and people can’t resist sharing them on social media with their friends. We can take screenshots but if there are a lot of questions, it just takes up a lot of space and at times can be confusing. ShareGPT can make your work a bit easier. You just need to:

  • Click here and add the extension on your Google Chrome.
  • Click on the extension and sign up for free.
  • Open ChatGPT and open the tab of the questions you want to record.

A share button will appear on the bottom of your screen.

  • Click on it.

A new tab will open on your screen and from there you can simply copy the link of the conversation with your AI. Then you can share it with your friends.

You might be thinking we can simply copy and paste the questions and answers but it can look unorganized and confusing.

This chrome extension can be really useful for you if you like to share your witty personality on social media with your friends.


Honestly, I couldn’t find any major limitations while using this tool except that it can just be used on your PCs or Laptops.

Now let us summarize:

To summarize, I would say, ShareGPT can be a really helpful tool for you if you regularly like to do conversations with the most popular tool of Open AI, ChatGPT. You can simply share the conversations done with this tool by making a link to it. Simply open and add the tool on your chrome. Sign Up and click on the share button. On the new window you can simply copy the link of the conversation and send it wherever you want.

In my opinion, I personally like this tool. I am the kind of person who asks witty questions to every AI tool whether it is Google assistant or Siri or ChatGPT. With this tool, it becomes convenient for me to share their responses to my social media. It can be pretty useful to use.

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